viddlerlogo1 Viddler to launch ‘customizable player’ and powers ‘New Media Expo Conference’Viddler, the online video hosting service, has announced that they will be the ‘New Media Expo’ conference’s official video sharing site. The conference which is being held in Las Vegas, will be starting later this week. The event will also see the launch of Viddler’s new customizable player.

The new player will contain a lot of customisation options like swapping Viddler logo with your own logo, linking the video to your own site instead of Viddler video page, integration of iTunes.

Some of the options were suggested by Allen Stern almost an year ago. After seeing his suggestions implemented, Allen suggested couple of more options which includes:

    • a video mashup application which allows me(users) to inject an intro/outro into each video I upload.
    • Viddler could also add kyte-style branding by allowing a "frame" to wrap the videos with the producer’s branding.

Here is the video of Rob Sandie, Viddler CEO and Colin Devroe, Technology Evangelist, with the announcements.

Viddler company profile provided by TradeVibes