image thumb446 SmartPhones can help cut down business costs…

In this time of financial crunch, recession is needed. Cutting down costs for businesses, especially for those on the move, is really necessary. Today we have facilities of smartphones, those being IPhones, Androids etc and what I strongly believe is now that businesses should use these great inventions instead of spending millions on laptops, projectors etc. Now just send your marketing team with an iPhone filled with applications that would help them book airline flights, organize schedules and deliver presentations.

Apple, itself is giving out high end business  apps from it’s iPhone store, for travelling users at $5.99 or less for each app.

Smart-phone sales are up 80%, so the whole category is on fire. But only a third of business travelers who have a smart phone realize that they can access the Internet. Of the business travelers who do realize, only 50% of them use their phones to actually access the Internet.

An application called TripIt helps busy travelers stay on schedule, no matter how hectic that schedule may be, along with that an application called MetropoliPhone,provides travelers with instant access to maps of subway and transit systems from around the world.

The apps could be endless, but it is in-fact true that, businesses need to consider using tech gadgets more efficiently to survive now.

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