googletranslate thumb Use Google Translate on the go on your iPhone Google has now released Google Translate for iPhone, to enable you to get translations on-the-go. This would enable you to translate words and phrases from German into English while sitting in a coffee bar in Bavaria on your next trip to Europe.

Google Translate for the iPhone has been specially optimized for speed so you don’t have to wait a long time on uncertain wireless connectivity in front of the waiter who speaks nothing else but German. In addition to the speed Google Translate also supports all existing language pairs that are supported on the web based version of the translator, and uses a client-side data store to store past translations on your iPhone. This enable you to have the previous words and phrases on your device to access them inside a Metro tunnel with limited connectivity to the outside world.

The entire application is written using the AJAX Language API, which means that every time a new language is supported by the Google Translate team, it automatically gets added onto your iPhone app. In case you are wondering about data costs it would take you around 200 to 400 translations to consume 1MB of data. Needless to mention that Google is not charging anything for the service, so you would only have to pay your carrier for the data that you consume. So you need to know the rates that your carrier is charging you on roaming. In any case it would amount to a petty sum for the dozen or so times that you may want to use it on your trip

You can try Google Translate for iPhone, by point your iPhone web browser to

image thumb63 Use Google Translate on the go on your iPhone

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