image thumb47 Use Gmail Offline Plus Calendar And Google Docs With Chrome Web App

Google Gears, email clients and what not, the idea sounds alien when you use Gmail and not have an easier way to make use of your Gmail account. With Google Chrome fast catching up and the Web being the center of all focus in terms of computing and accessibility. Today Gmail announced a brand new Web App for Chrome [download here]that resolves a long standing issue – accessing your Gmail, Calendar and Docs without the availability of an Internet Connection. And it’s sweet.

Gmail Offline is is an HTML5 powered app at the Chrome Web Store that enabled you to read, archive and respond to the emails when you are stranded without an Internet connection. Internet connection goes out, simply click on the Gmail Offline icon on the Chrome’s new tab page. Like wise users have the option to toggle between the online and offline mode for Gmail. However editing documents offline is something that is being worked upon and we can expect this to come out soon.

 Use Gmail Offline Plus Calendar And Google Docs With Chrome Web App

The idea to provide offline accessibility is perhaps the smartest choice and a must have for all users. You don’t want to be caught with a Network Error while you are busy composing an important email. Gmail does save drafts, but then it breaks the momentum. Anything that’s slowing you down, is actually contributing to damaging your reputation and swift execution of work. Most importantly this is exactly what being anywhere, anytime is all about.

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