urank logo1 URank   “Search Gets Organized”Ever wanted to collaborate your searches,share searches, and do more? Well Here is URank, a New tool from MS Research for ranking, sorting, annotating, sharing search results, recommending results, keep lists and much much more…

According to Microsoft Research:

We believe that finding something on the web is only the first step for many tasks. To better support people as they are exploring a topic, comparing information, keeping track of what they’re learning, and collaborating with others, U Rank has general support for organizing, annotating, remembering, and sharing search results.

U Rank is a research prototype, to help us learn more about how people use such technologies so we can continue to innovate.

You need a windows live id to use URank. Quite frankly I found it very useful for my own work, which has now simplified to a much extent what I used to previously call, “A Simple Web Search”.

image thumb106 URank   “Search Gets Organized”

image thumb107 URank   “Search Gets Organized”

As you can see above, options to move, copy  add notes and even delete results(using Ajax) technology is fabulous. Using the Live search engine behind, i think Microsoft can quickly gain share if this product is launched in the masses.

You can watch a screen cast of URank (“IE8 users, right-click and download the file and open in Windows Media Player”), learn more from the FAQ, check out the home page, or play around with URank yourself.

Can Urank change how we Search? Leave your comments…