image thumb57 Unlocked HTC Phones Will Be Flooding Markets

If you want to make it big amongst your consumers you need to listen to your community. I have always been surprised as to why would HTC power its mobiles with the open sourced Android operating system and yet prevent users from making changes in the software itself. The sense UI, etc, which often makes going hardcore of your smartphone a bit difficult.

However things are changing as Peter Chou, mentioned that HTC will be changing the Bootloader on HTC. He stated on the Facebook page:

Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience.

This means all upcoming HTC mobile devices will come with unlocked bootloaders and kudos to the HTC community for getting them to let go of the locked bootloaders. The step will make life easy for developers and even users like myself who would think twice before attempting to proceed with unlocking my device.

While many would speculate on this being due to the consumers only. I think there is more to it, especially the competition. We have seen this with Motorola, how toying around with unlocking it would render your device useless, but it recently announced on releasing modifiable handsets. So HTC stepping into the scene in not new.

Also this would help ridding users of the forced software that comes loaded with carriers. Which honestly is the worst thing they could do to kill any users’ experience. Whether this comes due to user demand or simply for the sake of competition, the move is more than welcome.

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