image thumb25 Unlock For iPhone 4 To Be Released After iOS 4.3 And 4.2.5 Is Public–Confirmed!

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has shredded away all hopes for those of you waiting for the official iPhone 4 unlock on the 2.10.04 and the 3.10.01 baseband. He has confirmed that there will be no unlock available until the iOS 4.2.5 or iOS 4.3 [here’s a quick jailbreak guide for iOS 4.3 Beta]public release.

What will be more interesting is seeing how the developer team works around on the two different versions of the iPhone. We already have the existing GSM version plus the recently announced Verizon CMDA iPhone 4. Both the devices will operate on different basebands and it will be interesting whether the developer team will work on a method to unlock the CDMA iPhone to make it work on carriers other than Verizon Wireless.

We will be all ears and eyes on this and keep you posted as updates arrive.

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Twitter via RP