image thumb13 Unlock For iPhone 3GS And 3G On iOS 4.2.1 Releasing This Sunday. Confirmed

While the white iPhone 4 might be a rumor for good our friends across the blogosphere and on Twitter just confirmed that the iPhone 3G / 3GS unlock for all baseband will be rolled the coming Sunday. This release will be come accompanied with the Ultrasn0w update.

However there is one sad news, this unlock will only be available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS on iOS 4.2.1 [all basebands] users, meaning those with the iPhone 4 will have to wait a bit longer. We aren’t sure when exactly is this coming, but it will be soon enough I suppose. The news of the release was recently confirmed by the iPhone Dev Team’s MuscleNerd:

…everything is on track for updated ultrasn0w by Sunday/Funday at the latest (longer for iPhone4!)

The Dev Team has been on top with a countless many tools and tricks to unlock or jailbreak the iOS devices and this is definitely not the last. Stay tuned to Startup Meme for more updates regarding this news.

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