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joost 002 en 120x240 Unlimited Joost Invites AvailableJoost, a new adventure by the founders of Kazaa and Skype, has officially launched a couple of days back. Although they have not opened up the signup process for the general public, but they have taken the lid off the number of invitations that a person already using Joost could send out. Thanks to my friend Bruce Ryan (do add him as a friend on twitter, he is Very Nice), I was able to get an invitation and there by test the IPTV service last night. I must admit it that Joost being a hybrid of TV and social networking is really sticky. Although I did not find enough content to get me bogged down for hours and hours, but I guess that will improve with time.

If you can’t wait till the end of May to get your hands on Joost, and if you were not lucky enough to have a friend who was already beta testing Joost, just reply to this post with your email address and I will personally send you Joost invites by the end of the day. Yes I was watching Fifth Gear.

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fifthgearjz6 Unlimited Joost Invites Available