image thumb15 Universal Studios turns to Facebook to promote Blue ray Movies

Universal Studios has switched to Facebook to promote their Blu-ray titles. The movie studio has launched a Facebook app that holds daily sweepstakes to give away 25 prize packages containing four blu-ray movies every day, that relates to the weekly theme. The daily giveaways includes gems such as Wanted, Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall from Universal’s collection of 2,010 Blu-ray movies.

The give-away would run for the entire month of January and would have a different theme every week, with week one featuring action movies, week two comedies, week three drama and week four having family films.

The new marketing campaign marks a radical shift in Universal’s behavior and marketing and promotional strategy. The movie studio has previously been skeptical of adopting social media to promote its titles. The campaign is turning out to be an excellent way to promote Universal’s fan page on Facebook, which has only been a week old – but now has more than 5,000 fans. Although the give-away would only last for the month of January – the marketing campaign would jump start Universal’s fan base on Facebook, potentially providing the movie studio with thousands of movie enthusiasts to tap in the future.

In order to participate in the daily sweep-stakes, users would have to become a fan of the page and provide Universal with their personal details. Additionally users could also invite friends to participate in the competitions. This personal information, bundled with information about users liking about movie themes would provide Universal with a lot of valuable information for future campaigns.

With the recent move by Facebook to make the profile content more public, brands and marketers could now mine a whole lot of user data for promotions, campaigns and other such activities. This new campaign from Universal Studios is yet another validation of Facebook’s tremendous appeal as a marketing and advertising option for brands.

The move by Universal is specially significant, because media types are usually extremely skeptical of social media. This further means that the media labels are seeing Facebook as an ally instead of a competitor – something that they considered Youtube to be, as is evident from the many lawsuits filed by media labels against the video sharing giant.