image thumb81 Understanding Facebook’s Instant Personalization And Opting Out Of It

There were quite a lot said by Mark Zuckerberg and others in the Facebook team at the f8 and one of them was Instant Personalization. With this, selected websites will be able to provide you a more personalized experience to you based on your public information. This just started yesterday and there are only a few select partners namely, Pandora, Microsoft Docs and Yelp.

All this stems from the ideas that run wild in the heads of the platform’s team; to make Social the default for Web. Sounds cool to say it again and again, but many users find all these moves to be confusing.

So What Is This Instant Personalization?

Simply put in points

  • There is no more a need for you to login or use Facebook Connect for various partner sites if you are logged on already on Facebook.
  • The partner sites learn from your profile’s public information. Lets say I go over to Pandora, it will start playing songs from groups of those I like, not just on Facebook but anywhere on the Web.
  • The Music you play [or anything else], will also show the friends who like it at the same time letting you see what they like as well.

I am not sure how to put this in a very clear manner but this would open up the possibilities of cross-conversation amongst the connected members irrespective if they have been on the same site or not. Remember this is only possible based on all information you have on your Facebook profile that is visible to everyone.

So What’s The Confusion Then?

The confusion is that many users would have no clue that they have it enabled by default. Which means that you will have to manually remove that permission to deny it. How?

  • Go to Accounts and then Privacy Settings
  • Click Applications and Websites
  • Just beneath all the options is Instant Personalization and a checked Box that says Allow.
  • Uncheck it and your work on Facebook is done.

image thumb82 Understanding Facebook’s Instant Personalization And Opting Out Of It

That’s not it and your information is still there to be shared on these sites. You are thinking right, it gets a bit confusing as usual. Your public information can still be shared by your friends to have a more personalized experience themselves.

Don’t event think that Blocking these apps would do any good either since that is just to let you know what apps or pages you have blocked and what you can unblock.

What Would You Do Now?

In order to make yourself more secure you will have to go to the pages of each app. You have to visit, Pandora, Yelp and Microsoft Docs to manually block those applications from accessing your data. No matter if you have these or not, you would still have to block them, perhaps a friend of yours is using one of those and your public information is being used for a more personal experience by them.

Ah, and before I end, keep visiting the this page to stay updated and what new partners does Facebook add. If there is any addition, be sure to go and block those as well.

Summing Up

I am seriously angered by this and I bet many more are. Put aside privacy for one moment and concentrate on making this easy. Facebook ensures that going social Web wide should be easy but just how impossibly difficult and irritating it has made the option to opt out of this. The social networking phenomenon has definitely become a Spider on the Web and we are the Flies.

You can modify what your friends can share on Settings. You can read more about it at Center Networks.