image thumb7 UAE And Saudi Arabia To Ban BlackBerry Services

Looks like Research In Motion is having a tough time in the Middle East as the telecom sector has rallied up to put a ban on BlackBerry services. The ban has been implemented in the UAE as well as in Saudi Arabia, where the kingdom has asked 3 operators to ban its services. Those services include the BlackBerry Messenger, the E-mail and the BlackBerry Web Browsing services. This ban will be implemented in the kingdom in the current month.

I am not sure what could be the reason to bar these services in the region but it appears that the judgment has been passed owing to the security reasons. Perhaps the telecommunication ministry hadn’t really found the right way to monitor communications via the BlackBerry handsets. The ban will be implemented in the UAE by October, wonder how this is going to tarnish the BlackBerry business in the region and what it can do help lift this ban.

Are you in the Middle East region, primarily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE? Do let us know about the updates on this news and we will give you a chance to do a short write up on Startup Meme.

Via ArabCrunch