twitterquake Twitter’s Potential exceeds expectations; fast at reporting Earthquake Twitter might have been considered to be a tool for those who enjoy keeping themselves updated on the whereabouts and doing of their friends everywhere but we saw Twitter come out shouting ‘I can be of other more important use’. This was highlighted when news about a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California near LA.

Twitter was out spreading the news long before it was brought to light by major news services. The idea of spreading news about natural disasters immediately has always been there and surprisingly enough it came from the micro-messaging service that was lightening fast at scattering the information everywhere it has its reach.

MG Siegler also reported as finding Twitter’s new search (previously named Summize) to be a handy tool for mustering information regarding the earthquake. The search lets you easily find results if you type in ‘earthquake’, incase you are not acquainted with those who are tweeting the news.

So what makes it all buzz? The reason is that the information is so rapidly updated every instant that you know what exactly is going on there and then. Compared to reporting services that take quite a bit of time to bring out the news and details of the happenings; the other added point is that twitter makes every user a journalist. Isn’t that good? Well sort of but it has its negatives too, especially when you don’t know where the news is coming from and dhow authentic (or even true) it is. Nonetheless eyes would be set at Twitter especially after its instant updates about the earthquake.