applewwdc08logo1 Twitter to make a come back at WWDC? As a daily routine the first thing I did today after turning my system on was to check whether twitter is back or not and I was not disappointed. The big day has arrived (Worldwide Developers Conference) and yet twitter is down.

twitter Twitter to make a come back at WWDC?According to Twitter there is going to be a very interesting breaking news happening (oh really???). They are expecting around ten times their normal daily traffic (current daily traffic?) and they have made some plans to facilitate the huge flow.

there’s going to be some very interesting breaking-news happening on Twitter. During the event, we are expecting approximately ten times our normal daily traffic so we’ve made some plans to accommodate this dramatic surge.

They also have a Plan B by the name of ‘Operation: Gray Mode’.

In the event that our estimates and preparations fail, we have designed a way to keep Twitter updates moving quickly through the system to their respective recipients. We have isolated and created on/off switches for many Twitter features. Should it become necessary to shed incoming load quickly, we can turn off features such as stats, pagination, and several others to preserve the reliability and timeliness of your Twitter timeline.

They’re talking about a backup plan at a time when they don’t even have the initial plan. If they really have some plan, they should have implemented it. What they are waiting for? If they are up before the start of the conference, it would certainly be a good news otherwise it won’t help them out. This is not the first time it is happening, you may remember South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, when people thought twitter would crash but it didn’t. I hope the same happens again.

People have already diverted to other micro-messaging services like FriendFeed, Pownce, etc. FriendFeed is already doing a great job. WWDC will determine how good the service is.

VentureBeat had a word with the twitter co-founder Biz Stone who told them that twitter does in fact have a plan in place to stay up during the keynote. Furthermore he also notes that they have a fun idea for the event (are you kidding?). He also said that the backup plan is in fact to disable certain features as needed to keep the service up.

This event will certainly help in clearing out the actual situation of twitter. Using twitter on such a day won’t be such a good idea but lets hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

We will be covering the WWDC 2008 conference live at Startupmeme.