image thumb82 Twitter to have Search anytime soon!

There has been a lot of speculation as to what would Twitter do after it acquired Summize and brought forward Twitter Search. We haven’t seen the feature out in the open ever since we first heard of it. However cnet reports about encountering something odd about the layout of the Twitter page; inclusion of a search box.

image thumb83 Twitter to have Search anytime soon!The new feature would enable users to perform key word searches across the micro-blogging platform. The feature appeared temporarily and it looks that it was there for a test, as officials haven’t come out with any confirmation or hint regarding the feature.

I feel that it is much needed as users can search fellow Twitterers by name, etc. The news however speaks of the new feature’s screenshot coming from an admin account that uses it for testing purposes. Be it for a test or a mistake users need not to wait long for seeing the search being integrated with Twitter any time soon as Biz Stone commented at cnet:

we’ll definitely be integrating the goodness into Twitter proper soon.