image thumb60 Twitter Runs Past 20 Billion Tweets – What’s Your Share?

20 billion tweets on Twitter and still counting, that is what Twitter has achieved since its inception. The stats have been put forth by GigaTweet and the micromessaging service has added more than five billion tweets in the last two months. Evident enough to show how the activity levels on the service have increased by leaps and bounds.

While GigaTweet can be considered as an unofficial source, Twitter itself had earlier mentioned it’s user base is increasing phenomenally with over 50 million users joining the network daily. I have been a late adopter of Twitter and what I have observed in this duration is that the service has become more than just a shameless marketing tool to something that has more conversations building around it. Plus another thing that accelerated it has been its placement across every site out there [even our blog].

I am unsure how exactly to put the reasons for its growth, but one of the prime reason is the ease of usability. The other, for such a large number of tweets is the 140 character limit, I mean it’s obvious people would send half a dozen tweets to to say something important [trust me there are folks who tell stories via tweets].

By the way what’s your contribution in these 20 billion plus tweets? Mine is 0.00087 % of all tweets.