image thumb42 Twitter Ruffles Up Feathers To Boost Ad Platform: Hires Former Facebook And Yelp Employees

Looks as if the micromessaging service, Twitter is taking advertising seriously. Reports today state that folks at Twitter have bolstered their ad platform by hiring Dan Coughlin who had been with Facebook since 2006. Coughlin will take charge as the Director of Sales for Eastern Region in the US.

That wasn’t the only notable induction as Twitter also fished Amanda Levy of Yelp. She will be taking position as Director of Sales in the Western Region, bringing over 5 years of experience to the Twitter ad team. Both have a good number of years to back their selection, with Coughlin who was the director of media sales, Facebook, and prior to this, held the same position at Yahoo for over 5 years. This is of course other than his stints at MarketWatch and DoubleClick. Levy on the other hand was Yelp’s first salesperson, where she headed sales for Yelp at the West Coast.

Both have enough experience to inject some flow in the sales department and both will report to Twitter’s COO, Dick Costolo. The two will also coordinate to create and monitor Twitter Promoted Products, which includes promoted tweets and trends. I am wondering what products will Twitter be bidding its plans to monetize on? The team is talking about experimenting and we have definitely heard something about Offers for Earlybird, but what else? Does Twitter even has services worthy for monetizing, lets put it to users: will they even pay for this?