twitter replies thumb Twitter replies on Mobile Site now available

In the recent past, micro-blogs have gained a lot of popularity. They let their users post short messages of around 140/150 characters along with links. Micro-blog provides you an opportunity to stay up to date with your friend’s activities and you can also update your activities. Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogs which is also accessible on mobile phones. This makes it more interesting specially for people who are on the go.

twitter logo Twitter replies on Mobile Site now availableThose of you who used to access twitter on mobile were unable to access @replies. Now Twitter users can access @replies through mobile site. The announcement was made on the Twitter Blog.

You can access the Twitter on mobile through To access @Replies, you can go to the timeline which appears at the bottom and just press 1 on the keypad. Now this issue has addressed. Lets hope to see some  more improvements in the coming days, for example ‘directs’.