twitter hack thumb Twitter Hacker admits to creating misery for Twitters

We’ve reported about a recent threat to Twitter accounts through a DM message, this recent blog post reveals that it was no rumor, but an 18 year old hacker that’s been causing all the trouble. The hacker by the name GMZ came public and stated that he hijacked multiple high-profile Twitter accounts, including President Barack Obama’s and Fox News’ official feed.

Previously he’s been guilty of celebrity pranks and recently admitted that getting through Twitter’s security was easy, as it allowed an unlimited number of repeated log-in attempts. The access was gained through Twitter’s administrative control panel by pointing an automated password-guesser. GMZ, a hacker from the East Coast was implicated by other hackers, and agreed to an interview with Threat Level. He was quoted as saying:

I feel it’s another case of administrators not putting forth effort toward one of the most obvious and overused security flaws.

I’m sure they find it difficult to admit it.

Checkout the video GMZ recorded, proving he had administrative access to Twitter.