image thumb56 TweetDeck Officially Comes To Android Phones

Am I being too Androidish today? Maybe right but this is what I news I have been coming across today and honestly I have ignored others. Just running down another one quickly, TweetDeck has officially made its way to the Android phones. Sounds great, primarily because I detested seeing the TweetDeck on the iPhone for some odd reason, but I guess I don’t need to do that anymore.

In order to download the app for Android you will first have to visit Android Whitelist and enter with your TweetDeck. Further instructions will be emailed to you. Of course this app is in beta and has a lot missing in action.But it does offer a lot to live up to its reputation. Some key improvements are:

Blended columns – this brings all your friends activity across various social networks into one column. This removes the confusion to view these separately and keep a better eye on what your friends are doing.

image thumb57 TweetDeck Officially Comes To Android Phones

Better User Interface – Its looks far sleeker, something which is absolutely essential for a problem free user experience.

image thumb58 TweetDeck Officially Comes To Android Phones

Those are just a couple to mention here and you can read more about it on the TweetDeck blog. However I am just a bit sad since this is only optimized for the Android version 2.0. Hopefully they will have one for the older ones as well.