image thumb26 TweetDeck gets a Knock Off from the App Store: Come Again without Bugs!

If a new app is not made available at the App Store, I can gulp it down and say it just didn’t get green. But a seasoned and a very popular one that has been around for quite some time vanishes, it looks odd. The TweetDeck app has seen the same, and has vanished from the scene after being around for quite some as the Twitter client on the iPhone. The reason? Appears it wasn’t bug free and caused a whole of crash and burn to have Apple pull it out. Though the bug free version has been submitted, but as it is with Apple, it wont rush with things and take all time to ensure it is bug free. I hope the update is out soon enough for the TweetDeck fans.

By the way if it doesn’t, why don’t you all just discard the iPhone and make another investment with the HTC? Just a thought.