image thumb112 TweetDeck comes with more improvements; Maps, LinkedIn and what not!

There is more coming up with the new version of TweetDeck and those includes its endless support for ReTweets, LinkedIn stream and geo tagging messages with maps. Talk about making a mess of the entire TweetDeck board, which is something I seriously don’t like at all. But that is something which can be taken care of as it enables you edit these lists directly into transparent pop out boxes and provides suggestions for people you can add to the list that you are to create.

Now all that makes your TweetDeck appear all occupied and makes others looking at it over your shadow into thinking that you are some real guru, but the issue is this would gulp down all the API available. Meaning that these would be so easily consumed on the updates made by users in the list. Apart from that the other improvement is that TweetDeck lets you handle ReTweets pretty easily by showing each separately so you have an idea on who has been retweeted and who is doing the retweet. Plus it also brings to users the ability to have LinkedIn coming in to Twitter as it opened up its API this month.