twiggitlogo thumb Tweet your Digg(s) with TwiggIt People who are twitter addicted and consider it as one of the best microblogging service that connects all international friends at one platform, and at the same time admire Digg as the best source that provides useful and popular news from all over the world will definitely  love a ‘mash up’ that would tie up these two well known services into a single stunningly useful tool. TwiggIt do the same.

Twiggit is a deftly tool that automatically tweets your every digg on twitter making it dead simple to share your all digg(s) with your followers on twitter. By providing some core information about your twitter and digg account you would be set to enjoy this fascinating and user friendly service.

We really found this service useful. A mash-up that has got a definite and meaningful aim to cater the needs of the ever growing users of digg and twitter. If you are using digg, than you must have dugg hundreds of news so far and would have thinking of sharing your favourite diggs with your twitter friends also.

Apart of its major advantages, Twiggit has also got some disadvantages. Most of the people use twitter to tweet and digg to dugg about their articles. Thus, if you have already tweeted your page than Twiggit will surely going to irritate your twitter followers as different tweets pointing a certain articles starts pulling nerves. Similarly, people who don’t want to share each and every digg with their twitter friends will surely find it useless as there is no option to tweet specific diggs only.

Otherwise, its a must have app that would be a boon to  digg-ians and twitter-ians.

twiggitpage thumb Tweet your Digg(s) with TwiggIt

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