145confusedmonkey thumb Trim kenstein! Nambu brings Tr.im back to life, confused it is for sure

What I dislike most about people is that they are unable to make decisions, same goes for firms and the recent one to add to this is Nambu. What exactly is it up to? It first decided to shut down Tr.im, its URL shortener and then it has plans of selling its corpse for $80,000 and when I thought it’s been done that, tr.im has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Excuse me, are we playing musical chair on decision making? The reason why its not shutting down the service is (as given) that there have been many requests by users to not do so. Great, pretty caring of them but I doubt it, call me a pessimist or a narrow minded person but I guess Nambu wants to keep the service running so that it may sell it for the price it has plans to sell it off for The other reason is Nambu doesn’t want to offload the site to anyone, fearing that the links will be hijacked. But again the truth is definitely that Nambu wants to keep the site running before actually fetching something more fruitful for it. Good luck with that, hope you don’t reverse this one.