image thumb45 Transform Any Screen Into A Touchscreen With Nokia Plug And Touch

Nokia has some great concepts and lets not hammer them for losing out in the smartphone battle with the iPhone and Google Android OS. Nokia recently released three new models of its smartphones, the Nokia E7, C7 and the C6 running on the Symbian 3 and the Nokia N8 a couple of days back. All those look promising, but this latest video from the Nokia World has impressed me more than anything else.

It’s researchers are working on the Nokia Plug and Touch, an application demonstrated on the Nokia N8 that turns any HDMI display, including your projector into a large touch screen. And it looks pretty impressive. The app makes use of the the Nokia’s N8 HDMI port and utilizes the 12.1 Mega pixel camera to monitor your finger movements. Meaning you don’t actually have to touch the screen when scrolling.

The application is not yet perfect and is a bit too slow to respond to. If this works out perfectly, I am thinking of actually having a Nokia device that can make use of the WiFi connectivity to remove that dependency on the HDMI port altogether. It is apps and features like these that would make Nokia stand out and make people believe that it’s OS as well as the hardware are all more important and they are still in battle.

Thanks MyNokiaBlog