livemarkets thumb Traffic Marketplace acquires Click to chat Ads maker LiveMarkets Traffic Marketplace has acquired Livemarkets, the developer of proprietary click-to-chat technology which enables consumers to launch a chat session with the sales representatives of the advertising company by clicking on a banner ad. The terms of the transactions have not been disclosed and both the companies are privately held.

Livemarkets technology enables consumers to directly interact with businesses without leaving the sites which they are surfing at the moment. Speaking on the occasion Baden Gilmore, CEO of Livemarkets said:

Our vision has been to bring advertisers and customers together to create mutually beneficial, real-time conversations. By partnering with an ad network as ubiquitous and established as Traffic Marketplace, we hope to make this technology not only visible, but invaluable, to some of the world’s biggest and best brands.

Livemarkets was founded in 2007 and developed the click-to-chat functionality in addition to traditional Internet ad units. The Livemarkets click-to-chat ad units does not require any sort of a download and are completely portable across platforms. The chat routing is fully automated is only delivered to sales reps that are currently available.

Jim Waltz, president of Traffic Marketplace also chipped in with his words on the occasion:

Livemarkets chat-enabled ads allow consumers to interact with brands wherever they view ad content on the web. Our advertisers are now able to communicate one-to-one with potential customers directly through their advertisements, even when they are not visiting the advertiser’s website. By leveraging the portability of online advertising, a marketer can interact with 10,000 times more prospects than conventional website-based chat systems.

Its obvious that there is not much technology at work behind Livemarkets, but the acquisition makes sense for Traffic Marketplace since it could easily push the newly acquired company to its huge distribution list.

livemarketssnapshot thumb Traffic Marketplace acquires Click to chat Ads maker LiveMarkets