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TrackMyPeople is a smart software designed mainly to facilitate employers to track the time and work of their employees from anywhere. It provides you with supple managerial activities and flexible reporting times. 

For the time being, the service is totally free. You can easily track and compare the attendance, totals and the project time. It is the good combination of efficiency, productivity and timeliness. 

Some of the key features of TrackMyPeople are: 

  • Employers can configure it according to their needs and requirements. (You can track your time daily or even weekly).
  • It is user friendly…
  • It is web based and can be accessed from multiple locations.
  • It provides you with the powerful graphical results. 

 For the ease of the users, demos are available on website

Below is a clear snapshot of the administrative demo. Starting and ending time of each user has been given. And as I was logged in through an administrative account, I can also delete and edit it.

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TrackMyPeople has really reduced the burden from the manager’s shoulder by stratifying the different aspects of a project but whether it will be able to compete with basecamp is yet to be seen.