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yahoo logo thumb Yahoo nearing decision for its new CEO

Time is nearing-up on a decision for Yahoo’s new CEO; it is expected that the company will decide by next week. Reports suggest that someone from outside the company will take up the post. WSJ source states that Carol Bartz, former CEO of Autodesk is a nominee, whereas Yahoo President Sue Decker, an insider, could also take up the post. To recall our readers, on November 17 Yahoo announced that (current) CEO Jerry Yang would step down, as and when a replacement is found. Yang is going to play his role as Chief Yahoo and on grab a place in the board of directors.

yahoo atces thumb CES 2009: Yahoo unveils partners for Web TV bid

The fact that tech companies are all over CES’s open-opportunity to show off big plans and new technologies is being fully justified – as we learnt that Yahoo unveiled a list of partners that it hopes will help carry forward its Web TV plan with. The joint effort is going to bring Internet and television together for good, and is being done in a bid to connect with consumers.

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microsoft verizonwireless thumb Microsoft finally grabs the Verizon deal

Microsoft has finally struck five years deal with Verizon. Now the search engine of Microsoft will be available as default on Verizon Wireless cell phones. According to Reuters, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg revealed the deal with Microsoft at a Citigroup conference. On the other hand the software giant’s CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil the deal in is keynote which will mostly focus on the new Windows 7.

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forrester cloud email1 thumb Report suggest Cloud based Email is cheaper for most companies

A recent report from Forrester suggests that cloud-based email is a better option for most companies as it is cheaper. The study states that companies employing less than 15,000 workers would be better off with having services like Google Apps, or Yahoo!’s Zimbra.

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Xoost.com – Expand your Search…

image thumb58 Xoost.com – Expand your Search…

Ever wanted to know what others are searching in live? Xoost is a new startup which enables you to connect with other xoosters who are searching similar queries on the web and also contribute to the search relevance optimization for everybody!

The site integrates three search providers, Yahoo, Google and Live into the search results. I see the site as a content discovery site as well as a place to connect to people discussing interesting topics.

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Yahoo tv leftdock 350x197 Yahoo+Intel= Net Enabled TV Launch – This January at CES

We all saw the Net-enabled TV prototypes shown to us by Intel and Yahoo back in August. The product was quite spectacular. And as the CES(consumer electronic show) nears by, several companies such as Toshiba have been signed up as official launch partners for the product.

Some of you might be thinking what are Net-enabled TV’s, so to answer that question lets see some things that people want their TV’s to do in the future:

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yahoomail1 Yahoo Mail’s new features having trouble

Yahoo Mail this week came up with some new features, but a number of users were having trouble while upgrading it. The upgrade contains some social features and six applications.

According to company’s spokeswoman, Karen Mahon:

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image thumb352 Yahoo: ‘Now we’ll put ads in your chat conversations’

Yahoo has been busy firing employees and continuing its test to place ads anywhere they can fit in. The latest testing comes to putting ads within the chat windows of its messenger. In a statement Yahoo said:

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image thumb338 Ex Yahoo’s Helping other Ex Yahoo ians to find Jobs…

We see hundreds on Job portals these days. But here is an interesting one. Ryan Kuder, a ex-Yahoo along with Jonathan Tarud (a non Yahoo) has launched  Purple People Collective, a website aiming to help ex-yahoo employees to find suitable jobs based on their skills.

But you may think, what has it to do with Yahoo, its THE COLOR, as we all know purple is the color of Yahoo and PPC is colored “bleeding purple”.

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image thumb333 Yahoo shuts down Kickstart as well

Yahoo isn’t just cutting out employees but its acquired services as well. Earlier it just pulled down shutters on Jumpcut and now it pushed Kickstart into the pit too. The site had been launched to help connect college and university students as well as professionals. But the idea sound unnecessary as the web already had the two categories ruled by LinkedIn and Facebook. And Yahoo upon realizing that has thrown it into web cemetery.