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image thumb6 Yahoo On Sale– Anyone Who Has Money Can Buy Us!

The last time I visited Yahoo was perhaps 2 years back, even more when the entire Jerry, Microsoft Saga was on fire. A lot has changed since, from being very quite to bursting out yesterday with the announcement of the firing of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. That reportedly happened over the phone and it had a ripple effect all across the Web. Sadly there is more to it that the eyes can read.

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image thumb1 Yahoo Executive Exits: Flickr Mastermind Kellan Elliott Calls It A Day

It really hurts to hear about someone really important in your organization waving goodbye and calling it a day. But I guess Yahoo has been hit by that so many times now that a lot of its key members have been leaving the once leading portal on the Web. The latest to do so is Kellan Elliott McCrea.

Kellan has been a key player at Yahoo, the mastermind behind Flickr, dubbed as the brains behind Flickr, the last of the few who actually knew the A to Z of the photo sharing site. He isn’t the first of the Yahoo lot, rather as many as three key executives had left Yahoo in the last month alone. Those include:

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image thumb127 Carol Bartz Says Google Is Holding By a Thread And Facebook Is Frenemy. I Think Yahoo Is A Jack Of All Trades [Now]

Talk about making it big! Yahoo and more importantly its CEO is once again in the news. Things are a bit different though and while Jerry Yang just created noise, Carol Bartz is trying to talk some sense. In a report today Bartz tried to drill deep into Google and figure out flaws in the Search Engine giant.

According to her, Google’s biggest flaw is Search, meaning that it has all its business centered around it alone. She stated in her interview:

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image thumb19 Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Is Done; Only If The Government Gives a Green

The Microsoft/Yahoo deal is done, something we thought had been decided and made peace with last year. Well they did so, but both parties had a tough time coming to a common solution on the terms, not until yesterday when the two announced finalizing and implemented the search and advertising deal. Thank God for that, but is it over for real?

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image thumb108 And the Drain continues at Yahoo as Boss’ Mastermind; Vik Singh bows out

Vik Singh has called it quits after bringing to us Yahoo Boss. And the reason wasn’t dissatisfaction or anything, rather he plans to become an Entrepreneur at Sutter Hill Ventures. The question is why isn’t Yahoo holding on to people like him? As for Singh, well, he is nothing short of being excited, he knows what he is worth, given that he has had experience with Microsoft Research as well. Plus he masterminded the entire Yahoo Boss project, which by every means is the best ones coming out from Yahoo.

Yahoo has lost a string of key players in its team in the last year or so. While it is good for a change, but the troubles it is in or has been over time, it definitely needs to do something to keep much of its polished talent within. I mean if this is the rate at which people will keep flowing, it might have better ideas, but not the sort of folks who can really make things happen for it.

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image thumb37 Yahoo farewells another key player: Resmus Lerdof is out too

Resmus Lerdof, the man who founded PHP and had been long a part of Yahoo has like many other key people there has called it quits. He had joined Yahoo back in 2002 and had developed the PHP engine in 1995 and it has since then being the key language in developing pages. Its surprising that the man who had been since so long been associated to an organization takes a leave. But I guess there is little room for this surprise as Yahoo has lost many more and much senior execs in the last year or so. Wonder if this is actually bringing in new people who are as dedicated to Yahoo as the stalwarts.

image thumb35 Yahoo Meme will do anything to expand: Launches Indonesian Version

Get Twitter and Yahoo to cross and you will have Yahoo Meme. Alright that was quite pervert of me but Yahoo continues to expand its product. It earlier launched the Spanish and Portuguese version of the platform and today it went a step ahead with the release of the Indonesian version [Bahasa]. The winning aspect of Yahoo here is that it expands the character limit to 2,000 while that of Twitter is a mere 140 characters. But is this character issue something to make a service actually stand against Twitter? I don’t think so, maybe there is a lot that needs to be done to make Yahoo Meme rise higher otherwise it may do great in a few regions but fail when it comes to the globe.

image thumb32 Another day and yet another exec calls it a day at Yahoo: Bassel Ojjeh takes a bow

One exec exit a fortnight is the schedule followed at Yahoo. We have seen a massive migration of key players in the Yahoo management in the last year or so and today  another made his exit. Its SVP of strategic data solutions group, Bassel Ojjeh has left Yahoo. Well to put it more correctly, he had left Yahoo a few days back. This brings me to another useful news that the man today made an investment in ArabCrunch.NET a social networking platform which is a venture by  ArabCrunch. Ojjeh had co-founded DMX Group, a data mining and warehousing firm which was acquired in 2004 by Yahoo.

image thumb7 Yahoo Traffic Server goes Open Source

When you have more than 600 million visitors a month, maintaining a traffic server becomes quote hectic, which is exactly the same issue with Yahoo. Tomorrow Yahoo will be taking a step ahead of its initial server to adopt an open source version and the code is available via Apache Software Foundation. The purpose of a traffic server is to ensure efficient working, management and routing of the information across the cloud and ensures a much faster response to all requests made. The Traffic Server is pretty efficient itself handling more than 30,000 requests and at present caters to more than 400 TB of data each day. Along with that yahoo will also be updating its Distribution Hadoop, which is at work across its data centers and will numerous new features and fixes for bugs. The same Hadoop provides framework for Yahoo’s services like Yahoo Mail, Search, etc.

image thumb6 Yahoo signs deal with O2 Germany, Google gets a boot. But will it really hurt Google?

Not all news from Germany can be bad news for all and this one is definitely good for Yahoo as Yahoo signed up a much needed deal with O2 Germany to become a mobile search and services partner. The bad part is that Google was previously the partner for the same. With this O2 subscribers will be able to access Yahoo Search across its mobile portals and Yahoo will offer sponsored ads along with the results. I just wonder how effective would this be given that it will only place Yahoo’s search box on O2 site. I mean who uses that when you have Google which is so widely used? As for facts, Google still has a 70% mobile market share in Germany compared to Yahoo 8.2%.