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doodle home thumb Embed the Free SIP Phone on your site with Doddling.com

Doddling.com is a website that provides a free service enabling you to use and embed a web-based SIP phone. You can embed the Doddle gadget on your own webpage or blog, just follow the tutorial. You can even add doddling.com’s webphone to your iGoogle homepage, so you can make calls from there.

googlemapsmobile thumb Google Maps for mobile improved

Google has launched a server side change on Google Maps for mobile and now it is much easier to get directions to a business. Before this change if you would have searched starbucks then application would have searched different addresses with stabucks and not the business. The application now differentiates between an address and a business. You can download Google Maps for mobile here.

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moto w233 thumb Motorola unveils its two new products

Motorola unveiled two new products up its sleeves: MOTO W233 Renew – a mobile phone made using recycled water bottle plastics, and MOTOSURF A3100 – a high-speed touch tablet added with the feature of a fully customizable home screen. The products are set to release at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Motorola has aimed its part in showing social responsibility with the invention of MOTO W233 Renew, made from plastics comprised of recycled water bottles and is 100 percent recyclable. Not only that but the mobile phone is the first carbon neutral phone in the world. Jeremy Dale , Motorola Mobile Device’s corporate vice president, global marketing states:

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asus android 2010 – The Year for Android Netbooks and the Victory of Opensource ???


We all thought that  Android was only only for mobiles phones right? Well Google has something else in mind and is planning to use Android for any device. Yes I mean any device most importantly as an OS on netbooks! Now that is something awesome!! You see a Asus EEEPC 1000H running the Android OS in the picture above.

We all know Netbooks are basically small-scale PCs, but are one of the tech industries hottest selling cupcakes. And no wonder if the Android OS comes alive, Microsoft could really face a serious threat. Combined together, Linux and Android platforms could lead to the end of Microsoft’s monopoly in the OS market as well. Let alone we have seen already a drop in the browser market share of IE due to Google’s own Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox.

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telecom t thumb Telcos look to gain from broadband funding

Telcos have got a something to think about now as there are talks of a national broadband infrastructure. Plans are underway to bring wireless/landline services to regions with less or no service. Congress and the new government plan to spread communications accessibility throughout the country, whereas cable companies wait to see what broadband download speed the FCC puts forward. This is particularly because telcos would receive tax credits for increasing their infrastructure.

cowons9 bluetooth thumb1 Cowon S9 firmware v2.06 brings Bluetooth speaker support

Cowon S9 smartphone has its second firmware update out now (v2.06). The update brings JPG album art support, and fixes some bugs. Though the important update of Bluetooth speaker support now allows users to stream tunes to sound systems (that support Bluetooth).

image thumb430 Nokia rolls out its Mail service

Nokia launched its Mail in beta version based on Ovi service. This would enable users to directly signup for email accounts using Nokia’s series 40 sets and is available more than a dozen language. Nokia’s Mail provides all functionalities of web based email services and it appears that Nokia is trying to push more services for users of its handsets, given the advent of other more powerful devices like the iPhone and G1.

motorolla loopt thumb Mobile Social Network Loopt now available on AT&T phones

Loopt is now available on three AT&T phones. The mobile social network is available (in the U.S.) on: Sprint, Verizon, Metro PCS, T-Mobile and Boost. As technology evolves further, mobile is the future of social networking and Loopt is doing great job at it, as the top social networks are slow to notice and work on this department.

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image thumb388 Pandora comes to Sprint; this time for free!

Many of the mobile users must have envied those with an iPhone for having free music streaming via Pandora. Envy no more as Sprint brings the same offer for those cells that support the app. This is definitely a big news for music lovers who previously paid $2.99 a month. With this portable music discovery comes to more cell phones without a price tag, no need to carry your music collection or feel left out of the crowd if your phone cant store music.

image thumb359 Vodafone gets Last.fm Scrobbler

Vodafone is bringing music to your mobile phone with the Last.fm application. This is an addition to their already existing MusicStation service, the service will however be limited to Nokia sets (N78, 95,96 and 6210). Users in Germany (alone presently) can also use the app to buy their favorite tracks from Vodafone’s online store. Vodafone is working hard to bring the service to other handsets as well.