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 Microsoft to reach the “Skies” next month…

Next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be the place where Microsoft will be launching its Mobile App store and many other services. Reports state, that the new version of Windows Mobile would be unveiled and some fantastic features such as:

Obama Hopeful To keep his Blackberry…

obama3 610x353 Obama Hopeful To keep his Blackberry…

We all know about the Obama-wants-to-keep-his-BLACKBERRY story. But would he really be able to? In an interview with CNN on Friday, President Obama expressed confidence that despite governmental regulations on carrying digital devices, he would be able to keep his “love” with him

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aljazeera logo thumb News Channel Al Jazeera launches mobile site in Arabic & English

Arabic TV news channel Al Jazeera announced the launch of its Arabic & English mobile sites today. The sites will be available on any mobile phone with browsing capabilities through http://m.aljazeera.net for news in English, and http://ma.aljazeera.net for news in Arabic.

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universal music group logo UMG and Kyte – The Domination Continues…

Universal Music Group and internet video streaming startup, Kyte today announced a deal, in which Kyte is to provide the mobile and online platform for the label’s artists, including 50 Cent, All American Rejects, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga.

Universal Music and Kyte will also be developing new mobile applications for the Music Group behemoth.

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image thumb122 Sony: Sony Ericsson cant use PlayStation brand for its PSP phone

After all sorts of troubles crashing in on Sony from every possible direction, Sony Ericsson has not been allowed to use the  PlayStation brand name for its PSP phone. Reports state that Sony would only allow for such branding when it produces cell phones independently; which means it will end up its partnership with Ericsson for this. There hasn’t been much regarding the matter from Sony officials, but a spokeswoman stated:

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blackberry splash thumb New apps on BlackBerry revive the old touch

We’ve been reporting apps for smartphones like iPhone and Google’s Android, but this time BlackBerry makes a comeback with six new apps. BlackBerry is still widely used all around the globe, even though the dawn of new smartphones from every corner out has sidelined it. These apps have recently been gathering up and so it was felt to share with our readers. The apps are listed below, check them out, and have a refreshing experience back on your BlackBerry:

tivo grab thumb For TiVo Fans: Operate TiVo via text message through Kwiry

Text messaging service, Kwiry now lets you control TiVo via text message. This service was added on board Kwiry after it already has features where users can add products to their Amazon.com wishlist or add movies to their Netflix queue.

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And this is Moto Aura

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rim blackberry logo thumb BlackBerry gets critical security patch

Research in Motion (RIM) recently came out with a security patch for BlackBerry software to address critical flaws that were affecting its Enterprise Server. The patch will take care of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software v4.1 from Service Pack 3 to 6, as well as BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1 which was under threat.

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image thumb99 Palm Pre not that expensive (…..Maybe)

There are a lot of rumors about what exactly is the Palm Pre going to cost? We aren’t sure about it but the much awaited device is reported to come in two different price schemes. Palm with Sprint is set to roll out a price range from $149/$399 to $199/$499 unsubsidized/subsidized pricing. I guess Palm will rather settle for the lower range, given the low number of devices it will be producing initially (around 200K). This will definitely be a better option given that Palm needs to do a lot if it has to survive in this race with competitors like the iPhone, G1, etc.