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image thumb18 Web Application Development Made Easy With Formspider

Creating applications or even thinking about writing a code confuses me. Despite all the recent developments that have made coding absolutely easy for anyone, I somehow continue to be phobic to this. I am not sure if any tool would actually help me with this but for those who are trying to learn this Formspider, a new startup might be of great help.

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image thumb17 Startup: MyLastVid Ensures You Had A Chance To Say Your Last WordsMyLastVid is a service that allows people to record and store videos to a secure database. Users can specify a decided time for the video to be released, be it on some special occasion as well as to whom. The startup is ideal for ensuring that your precious words and thoughts are recoded and preserved for the right time and the right occasion. These may include your message of love, a will or just a narration of your most memorable moments.

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image thumb9 Find Fine Food Daily With FoodSherpa– Startup

Food is an addiction for sure. I might not indulge in eating all the great dishes from different regions of the world but I love knowing about them, how are they prepared, what people have to say about the, etcetera. While that might have been tough a decade back the boom in the Internet space has definitely made all this a lot easier. You have sites or portals helping you with learning the best of different regions, be it their culture, language or even food and experts in different categories are leveraging this to their benefit.

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image thumb2 42Goals Lets You Set Your Daily Goals–Startup

Ever wanted to start daily exercises but every morning didn’t feel like doing it? Or you made a commitment to reduce smoking but cannot track your progress? No motivation to study 10 new words a day to learn a foreign language?

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image thumb22 Promote And Win Products Using Social Media Auction With LikeBids

LikeBids is the first social media auction startup that allows users to win the products they love by promoting them to their friends via social media networks. It provides users a unique gaming experience, users get the chance to win prizes & discounts just by telling their friends about them. LikeBids has replaced currency with social media collateral with likes and tweets. For participating auction companies, LikeBids creates the missing bridge between e-commerce and social media marketing: providing a powerful incentive to get social media users actively promoting brands. Read More »

PosterMyWall is an online custom poster and collage maker service that makes it easy to create and print artistic custom posters from a web browser. Users can choose from a variety of professionally designed poster backgrounds to get started, or they can upload their own.  PosterMyWall allows users to add photos from Facebook, Flickr, or their computer. The powerful, browser based poster designer provides users unlimited creative freedom by allowing them to layout their photos and captions on a poster any way they want. Graphical effects such as shadows, glows, borders, faded edges, bevel, and many more can be easily applied to photos and captions on a poster.

image thumb19 Create Your Own Collage And Posters With PosterMyWall  Startup

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image thumb8 Travel Budget Makes Travel Possible In Fixed Budget   StartupWhen it comes to travel budgeting your trip isn’t the only major issue. Many folks are unable to find the right destination and worse still finding the perfect place for a vacation that falls well in your budget is a huge issue. We have seen services spring forth and address this and Travel Budget is another startup in the list.

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image thumb35 Groupboard: Chat And Draw In Real Time With A Free Multi User Whiteboard On iPhone, Android And iPad

Groupboard is a multi-user whiteboard that lets you draw and chat in real-time with other users over the internet. The startup has been around for quite a while starting back in 1998 as the first online whiteboard. But there has been a constant change and evolution, primarily for the fact that the way we use the Internet has evolved and changed drastically.

he word Internet is more about mobility and it is for this very reason that Groupboard has recently released Android and iOS app versions of Groupboard, allowing users on a web browser to draw together in real-time with users on mobile devices. That means you have the option to utilize the same on the numerous HTC devices, Samsung, etc as well as taking advantage of the Groupboard on your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad as well. Read More »

image thumb20 Share the stuff you love: Tagbento it!

Tagbento is a photo-tagging platform for sharing recommendations and knowledge. Users upload and tag photos, and are encouraged to leave a short opinion or other information. It’s visual Q & A: the photo-tagging micro-reviewing knowledge-sharing hub for users to come together under one banner and share their views on anything.

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image thumb4 TinderBox Helps You Create, Manage And Track Proposals And Business Communications

Tracking your business proposals is a nightmare for us all. Though the paperless offices have definitely transformed the management of all your essential work, there are still some issues. Primarily with creating these proposals and keeping an eye on all of these. Web based applications are to be given a lot of credit for this and TinderBox one such web startup helping you achieve the same.

TinderBox enables makes the entire process of proposal creation including management, approvals, formatting all the way to tracking. Those are definitely the sort of features anyone would want but in my opinion the feature is that it provides users with insight on how each of your prospects ae interacting with the proposals you have placed. To make the long story short TinderBox offers a digital library for video and other marketing assets, notifications of opened proposals and tracking statistics to measure success. Read More »