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image thumb137 WhichDateWorks: Set up a date that best suits everyone involved

If you are looking forward to a stress free planning tool that lets you collaborate with friends and family and set up an event that suits everyone’s schedule, then WhichDateWorks is one to try. The online service lets people choose the date that is most appropriate for a meeting or any other event. It’s not important that you are registered or not, but if you do register you’ll be able to save the events. Simply name your plan, select the people you need to have involved by entering their emails and let each confirm a date that’s best suitable. A trouble free service that leaves no room for people involved to say the date didn’t suit us.

image thumb125 UnTweeps to unfollow lazy Twitter users

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image thumb123 TwitrPix: You guessed it right, it lets you share photos on Twitter (too)

I guess when it comes to the Web the idea is to create one app per person. There must be a dozen or so apps that let you post pictures to Twitter and out comes another; TwitrPix. Simply enter your Twitter login information to begin using the service and view the public timeline to see what others have shared using it. Neat like the very many out there, but I guess the emphasis to boost users should be at creating apps that leverage the mobile devices as well, largely because that would give a much needed boost to the startup.

image thumb116 Give your Twitter background a professional touch with FreeTwitterDesigner

If you are one of those people who like keeping your Twitter background attractive then FreeTwitterDesigner is what you need. An easy to use and free service that lets you fully customize a background for you. It lets you put up a theme, select colors, etc and once you are done editing the background, you can save it as an image to upload as your Twitter background image. Of course there are many other ways you can have a background for you Twitter profile, but this just lets you get along in a much neater way.

image118 Another one to join the growing list of URL shorteners; UnHub

I seriously wish I start a dedicated blog to cover URL shortening services on the web. I understand there is always a room for another, but seriously URL shortening services are overpopulating the web. The most recent addition to the list is UnHub. If you have yourself registered, all you have to do is simply place your URL next to unhub.com and it generates a shortened URL. When users hit the link, the website opens with an iframe which gives them additional information like the number of times the site has bee digged, bookmarked on Delicious, etc. I can bet this isn’t the last one in the list and that I will be covering will be a couple more surfacing before the day ends.

image thumb113 Snap Shack: Image sharing as simple as it can be

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image thumb112 DeepZoomPix another one of those Photo Sharing sites

Photo sharing is synonymous with the Web and people need the best service to do that. While there are plenty of services that offer the same, there is always a room for one more, which is why Microsoft has put out DeepZoomPix. It lets share images (obviously) plus you can take advantage of its zoom option, which is pretty good. If you are a Microsoft fan this one is definitely what you would like to use. As for those who would like to have an alternative, there is Closr.it to do the same. I hope our readers wont mind my self promotion here.

image thumb98 ToMedes: Get quotes for your professional translations

We earlier covered ToLingo, the online translation service, well if you are looking forward to have ad another one to your choice then try ToMedes. The service provides low cost and better translations in a quicker time using its base of a large number of native speakers. You can upload your document and select the language you need your document to be translated in and get a quote on it. much like ToLingo. The only difference is that you can simply enter the total number of words in the document as well to get the cost and how long will it take for your translated document to be delivered.

logotg thumb TwitterGrep: Grip the every news from Twitter on one page

The success of Twitter has given a rise to a plethora of services, from sharing pictures to breaking news. While Twitter has been known for breaking news in almost every field, discovering the latest news can be a tough job, especially if you aren’t following the right people. Well TwitterGrep, a new startup solves this issue with its Twitter powered news and discussion site. You can see all the latest news from Twitter at TwitterGrep, letting you share and discuss them at the same place. So if you don’t have a Twitter account and still need to be informed about the breaking news, the latest picture shared at Twitter, then this one is definitely worth a click.

image thumb89 urFooz stitches all your Social Network profiles into one

It gets tougher to keep a check on the countless profiles we create across the many social networks on the Web and a need to have one control center for all is what one needs. UrFooz joins the ranks of a few existing services that provide you that one profile for all solution, in a bit different way. It lets you create an avatar that represents you in the Web sphere, giving you an edge to control all your web-activity from a single ID. It offers a large number of social networks to integrate into one single profile and an avatar gives your virtual life a much needed virtual look.