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image thumb19 Wordoid lets you make Words out of Words

The biggest issue associated to starting up a business is getting the right name, which at times appears to be a much more difficult task. Wordoid, a web startup (tool) helps you with finding catchy name for your service/site by auto creating new words. Simply enter the name and what sort of a word you would like Wordoid to create for you, natural or out of the blues and select in what language you need the name. Upon performing the search, users are displayed with names and also displayed if the names have already been taken up / registered on the Web, relieving you off Googling the domain name.

image thumb17 KidZui goes from safe browser to safe Video, launches ZuiTube

KidZui, the web browser for kids that we had covered earlier has stepped in to the online video category as it launched ZuiTube. The video site will be powered by YouTube and will have clips for kids that have been filtered by a group of both parents and teachers. With over 60,000 clips already, I bet both parents and teachers have done a pretty good job (and a tough one) to give kids what is for them alone. The startup which has been doing pretty good has a pretty good monetization plan as makes money by selling premium features like customized avatars, and more secure controls for parents.

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hippo logo thumb Network Hippo to help you build Stronger Professional Relations

There is no end to new ideas shaping up as startups and Network Hippo is doing just the same. The yet to be launched service is a  web based software for professional relationship management for small businesses and individuals that enables them to keep a check on their professional network. Sounds a bit like LinkedIn, but it has its own way of helping you deal with contacts, letting you prioritize contacts on the basis of how important they are for your business and career. It’s algorithm keeps a check on your activity and generates contacts from within the network that best match your career and help your network grow with the like minded. The system also analyzes how you communicate and makes sure that you are constantly in touch with the people who matter the most. A few facts in bullets:

image thumb Aroxo: Online Shopping, bargaining made effective

I don’t know about others, but I personally hate the idea of bargaining for an item in a shop and then coming out empty handed. That changes with online market place and Aroxo is a new entrant in the category and it’s pretty good. Simply type in what you are looking and Aroxo displays you with the list of items associated to your item. The best part is that you can then set up parameters like price you want the item for, etc and a thermometer shows you how close you are to the price the seller has set. Once the price is close to your match, you can set up the response time within which the seller can respond to your request. Negotiations can continue until one of you gives up and agrees to the conditions set by the other. What’s good about it? It keeps all the facial expressions out of the conversation.

esarcasmlogo thumb eSarcasm: Where ‘Geekiness’ is a bit sarcastic

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sr full aspect medium thumb SchoolRack brings Class rooms Online

If you are a K-12 teacher and feel the urge to have an online community/site for your students then SchoolRack is one such tool to help you do that. The startup lets teachers create blogs or sites to help students, teachers and parents to effectively communicate. SchoolRack initially began as a content management system six years back but it has now relaunched with a better outlook and a bigger purpose. It will soon be available for any on campus and online school. I personally prefer developers to build such tools to help students in academics from the earliest, giving them a sense on how the web can be utilized to better equip themselves academically and more importantly link each person involved in the educational process, from students and teacher to parents as well. The site features discussion boards, online assignment collection and a whole lot of more stuff. I will call it more like a classroom on the web and with 35,000 users at present, I am sure it will go a long way.

image thumb136 Digitalbloom: Your place to buy artwork for almost any screen

If you are an art lover and tired of your desktop, projector screensaver than Digitalbloom has something for a change, an impressive change to be exact. The website is a marketplace for artists to promote and monetize their work and for art lovers to browse and find the best piece that matches their taste. Users can easily make purchases of both images and videos and display it on any hardware. The site claims to feature artwork that has been approved to be displayed by the art jury which will help ensure that users get the best in quality. If you are interested, you can buy images starting from EUR 2.50 and visuals at EUR 7.90.

image thumb117 Convert Web Pages to PDF with HTML to PDF Converter

If you come across a page on the web or a blog post and feel the urge to save it as its in a PDF format then HTML to PDF Converter will come in handy. The easy to use tool lets you simply place the URL of a page and convert it to PDF with a single click. That’s just one way to do it, you can also place a bookmarklet to simply click on it and begin converting a page to PDF or web master can add a button to their page, blog, etc to ease HTML to PDF conversion for its visitors. I like it pretty much as I always feel the urge to save my pages that I come across often and find printing/bookmarking to be pretty tiring, especially when I have to refer to them often. You can see the Save as PDF button below:

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image thumb115 FiredNetwork removes confusion with the name, changes it to FiredUpNetwork

We covered FiredNetwork last month, a startup that appeared on the web as an Information Resource. The name astonished me as I first thought it was a network for fired employees and I guess that was the same reason why people behind it decided to go for a change. The startup is now known a FiredUpNetwork and to be honest it gives a whole new meaning. The network is for those who plan for a professional change and is categorized into five options; employment opportunities, entrepreneurial pursuits, company  purchase, fund raising and education. I liked the service and the purpose for which it had been created.