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image thumb71 Yext Makes Online Reputation Management For Business More Realtime

Search Engine for local businesses, Yext which enables people to find services in their locality as well as assist publishers and ad networks find these businesses. The startup also launched Yext Calls which can rightly be called the Google Voice for businesses last year. With the Web getting more about realtime management, the startup, keeping it in mind is launching a realtime reputation management software for businesses.

With almost all the consumers relying on reviews on products and business online, it is imperative that these business are better with managing their online profiles. This includes managing user feedback, monitoring it and responding to comments left by users. Keeping the same in mind Yext has launched Yext Rep to help you monitor all that with a free solution. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, the dashboard ensures all this is made available in the Yext Feed.

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image thumb69 Manymoon Brings Contextual Gadget To Gmail: Making Task Management More Efficient

Manymoon, a startup founded in 2009 which is a social productivity tool that enables users to plan and accomplish the launch of products, building a house or simply planning an event launched another useful app last week. The idea was to bring similar functionalities to Google’s Gmail with its new gadget.

The gadget available for Google users helps them complete their tasks, manage projects. All this is done right within their email. Simply add the gadget to your Gmail account and it lets you transforms your both your contents and contacts from being static to more actionable. Lets say you are sent an email that requires you to complete a task before the week ends. You can simply have it updated as a task with the Manymoon gadget, you can then simply add a due date to the task and the gadget reminds you about it a day before the deadline.

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image thumb64 Startup: InfoDome Making Online Database Management And Sharing Easy

Managing a database is always a major issues for everyone and in my case, a task that has always given me nightmares. Perhaps its just the word itself or how poorly my teacher back in high school tried to teach me creating one with FoxPro, I can’t stand it. Of course the methods have now been simplified with services that have made Databases a mere drag and drop thing and InfoDome is a new entrant to it.

To put it in its own words, it’s a simple and powerful online database, a startup that helps you share, analyze, collect and manage any data that you come across in your day to day life. It can be employee’s payroll or simply import their existing spreadsheets to the utility and add designs, charts to make it visually appealing. And the best part, it is entirely a Web based application, thus removing the tiring process to download and install the software on your system at the same time making it accessible from any where in the world. Worried about losing data or it being hacked? InfoDome, I guess is aware of that and provides users with secure methods of data protection.

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image thumb51 Who Says Tweeting Doesn’t Burn Calories? Try TweetCalories For Your Twitter Burnout

I always hear this; Twitter is a lazy man’s place and that Tweeting is the laziest thing one can ever do. You are all wrong, like everything else I do physically, Tweeting takes some energy, burning calories. Don’t believe that, go over to TweetCalories and type @smohkim to see the amount of calories I have burnt.

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If you are one of those people who can’t download a Twitter Desktop client in their workplaces because your IT department has some lousy, medieval mindset and using it on the Web is a suicide for your try MyTweetPlace. The startup, as the name says is about using Twitter right within your browser. Trust me, it isn’t suicide.

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image thumb12 Name.ly: Consolidate All Your Profiles On One Place [#Startups] –1,000 invites Startup Meme Readers

The biggest issue with me putting up link in signatures/footers is it appears too messy if you are a part of many social networking sites and you need to mention them all. There might be lots of those services that crunch all your profiles and links at one place but I am lately sing Thatis.me. It is more like a URL shortener that you use every now and then to share links but its more personalized.

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image thumb90 Startup: Audiggle Lets You Listen, Explore And Identify Music From Your Desktop [Tool]

I listen to songs almost every time I am writing these posts. But it gets a bit irritating at times when I am not able to tell the artist’s name or to put it simply; recognize what music is being played. You have music recognition services for the mobile devices like the iPhone app from Shazam but the desktops lack one such app, don’t they? Welcome Audiggle, a startup that is dedicated to providing you with a software that helps you know what music you are playing with its desktop app.

The best part is that you can use the software and avoid the trouble of searching for artist’s and music information on Google. I seriously have huge issues and most of the times give up on digging out details on music. You don’t have to close yourself up to play a track, perhaps you hear soundtrack of Brave Heart, or watching a YouTube where the background music allures your ears, Audiggle has details on any music from any source.

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image thumb67 Startup: Betterfly Lets You Find The Best People For Anything

As we had earlier promised that we would restart reviewing startups on Startup Meme and have so far kept up with that. The move was made on our readers demand and to stay connected to the roots of this blog, more importantly because I love to talk about new services. Today we have a Yelp for People and its called Betterfly.

While Yelp helps you with places to get your work done Betterfly gets a bit more specific and narrows or should I say expands that to people. Think of it, I recommend you that you can get your car fixed in my city at a particular workshop and compare that to stating that a particular mechanic in that workshop is the best person for the job. Does that make a difference to you? To me it does and there is nothing better than being specific in telling people who the expert or the right person is for a job or anything. Betterfly does exactly that but by helping you find the right individual, a Betterist who can help you learn how to fix your car.

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image thumb58 Startup: Diphur Makes Bookmarking Active With Site Update Notifications

Bookmarking is very useful but there is something they miss, a frequent reminder of any updates that occur on the site you have marked. I mean what’s the point of bookmarking if all you have to do is remember the pages and check for updates manually? What if a service could exist that bookmarked as well as monitored updates and notified users? Well there is one startup that does exactly that: Diphur.

The startup does an impressive job at offering its users ease by helping them in numerous ways. That is important, otherwise there was no point in talking about it and moving away from your existing Bookmarking tool. With Diphur you can:

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image thumb52 Startup: Create, Store And Share Diagrams, Flowcharts Easily With Creately

I use Microsoft Visio whenever I need to draw diagrams and flowcharts but things have been changing lately or should I say evolving. With the advent of things migrating to Cloud its imperative that creating diagrams wouldn’t go there too. While we all use Google Docs for anything to do with Documentation online, a platform to create diagrams was needed and Creately is one of them. The startup has everything you need from thumbnails like the ones you have in Office to boxes and rectangles for flowcharts.

I am not a design geek and many our there are same. What we look forward to are easy ways to give visuals to our ideas and easy shouldn’t be unprofessional. With Creately you get both, easy and professional looking diagrams that can be created right on the site, shared with colleagues and stored online. So what is the benefit here? Well for those of you who don’t know that, storing your work online makes it easier for you to access content anywhere without the burden of carrying a backup all the time.

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