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IBM to Enterprise – Ditch Windows

image thumb82 IBM to Enterprise   Ditch Windows

Big Blue, the ladder behind Microsoft’s success, is now taking aim to put up a fight against Microsoft with it’s industry colleagues such as Google and Apple.

IBM is now offering enterprise customers Linux-based terminals without hard drives that are "Microsoft-free."

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image thumb81 Personalization with New Cooliris Ad Format

I just love Cooliris – the browser extension that transforms the browser into a 3D environment for thumbing through photos and videos.

But as we see today, companies are now trying to squeeze revenue out of their success and Cooliris is no different. Releasing it’s new set of features within the Cooliris 1.9, I saw user personalization options such as the ability to save favorites, select backgrounds and watch online videos from Hulu. But here comes the fun part, the background you put cashes cooliris some  advertising revenue.

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image thumb79 Twitter CEO – The Road Ahead For Twitter…

We heard couple of week’s ago, some news that Facebook would be buying out Twitter, but we never heard public comments from Twitter’s side. Today CEO Evan Williams shed some light on what really happened…

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image thumb77 Smartphone industry grew by 11.5%; iPhone sales beat those Windows Mobile

The latest analysis from Gartner put the smartphone industry to be doing much better in the sinking economic conditions with 11.5 growth in Q3. Nokia maintained its lead with a 42.4% market share despite a 3% fall from its last years standing while those of Blackberry soared up to 81.7%. The only bad signal came for the Windows Mobile devices the sales of which were exceeded by those of iPhone along with challenges from the open source competitors like the Android and the Symbian Foundation.

Claiming the Acid3 Test – Opera 10

Opera10alpha spellcheck 1 610x371 Claiming the Acid3 Test – Opera 10

Passing the Acid 3 test, is a difficult ask for any browser, even if it’s Chrome. But 13 year old underdog, Opera has now become the world’s first “Full Acid 3 Compliant Browser” with its Opera 10 alpha.

The Web Standards Project created the Acid tests to check a range of linking and rendering abilities in browsers to encourage a standard baseline for coding. These tests ensure that browsers are compliant on rendering any kind of web page.

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image thumb74 AT&T to slash 4,600 employees and hire the same number

AT&T will be slashing around 4,600 of its staff. It plans to concentrate more on the wireless an broadband branch of its business and will be recruiting the same number in this department over the course of one year. Although the number of employees would remain same after a year, but it will definitely help AT&T save billions of dollars in costs.

With more partnerships and availability of new material directly to them, Shazam has increased its music database. The numbers moved ahead of 6 million to 8 million. The boost comes from the inclusion of content from Asian, European and North American regions that has not only increased the database but added more variety. Will Mills, Head of Music commented:

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image thumb62 TechMeme: Our Automated system has faults!

Almost everyone has had some sort of complains against TechMeme, for its auto generated news. But it appears Gabe Rivera has at last realized that automated generation isn’t working in favor of the service and needs some manual work out.  Gabe stated:

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itunes thumb iTunes maintains 12.6% of the U.S. music market

A recent research by Forrester suggests that Apple’s iTunes now contains 12.6% of the overall US music market. Apple already dominates with 70% of the U.S. market. According to the report the digital music sales in the country have increased and now they account for 18% of the market and are expected to grow 41% of by the next five years. Also by 2013, 55% of the online customers will spend some money to download music.

image thumb59 Reply.com to offer Geo tagged ads for cheap.

Small businesses that don’t have huge ad budgets and are keen to reach out high targeted advertising can now use Reply.com to access them. Launching its new PPC Click Marketplace, Reply offers small yet profitable campaigns that focus on user input. This is useful as it can utilize this to target ads that are more relevant. Click an ad, enter basic information as per the requirement of what category the ad belongs and get related ad from its list.