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You own Video aggregator Site – VODPOD

image thumb182 You own Video aggregator Site   VODPOD


Publishing your video collections on a single site is a tough ask. But here comes Vodpod to the rescue. Some new features are

Your TV Gets Social Now – TvLoop

tvloop Your TV Gets Social Now   TvLoop

Do you love ER, One Tree Hill, etc and are also a facebook user? Then you must have heard about Watercooler’s TVLoop, a Facebook application that lets you watch full TV episodes of your favorite shows on your profile page. Today Watercooler has launched a full fledged website TVLoop.com, which enables you to watch over 200 popular TV shows!

Other than watching featured shows, you can play games, watch on-demand video content from different networks, shop, create widgets and do lots more. All in all a complete social experience for web media.

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image thumb171 Playboy Interns Series comes to mobile

Despite their struggle to figure out an appropriate online methodology, Playboy continues to step in towards the web realms. It has announced the launch of Interns, a mobile web series. Apart from streaming them on the mobile devices, users can watch them on MySpace and on the web. Lisa Kolodny, Head of Youth Marketing, Playboy stated:

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image thumb169 New York Times to launch TimesWidgets

The New York Times may be in trouble and raising money against its properties but that isn’t stopping it from rolling out new stuff. NYT is set to launch TimesWidgets that lets users create widgets with content from NYT. The widgets can be embedded anywhere, from your iGoogle to a blog with content from more than 10,000 topics. This may not really save NYT from the coming doom, but it will definitely generate more traffic to it from the entire web-sphere. Lets just see where this ends up for NYT in due time.

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image thumb161 MySpace to launch its toolbar (for Windows users only)

MySpace will be making major announcements and launches. These include MySpaceID and its toolbar for the IE and Firefox. However this release will be available for users of Windows alone and a promise to roll out one for Mac. The toolbar will be enable users to directly logon to their profiles once they open the browser and get information like, notifications and status changes. MySpace will be releasing the toolbar to users in the U.S, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, U.K, India and Ireland.

useconomydown thumb Advertising in the U.S. will reduce 6.2% in 2009

According to Madison Avenue’s closely watched forecasts, the advertising and media industries have yet to see the worst. Here are some of the points quoted from The Wall Street Journal:

iriver v10 Mobile TV popular in Asia, but not making money yet

Asia is seen as a big market for Mobile TV expansion, though it still isn’t making much money. The region is popular for further Mobile TV introduction but still financially stunted. Even the U.S. is not making much out of this sector, as most people prefer not to fall into subscriptions, rather there is a substantial decline in the last two years. This was picked up off a WSJ post:

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image thumb153 Tribune closing in on Bankruptcy

New York Times isn’t the only one in trouble, today news rolled out that the Tribune is seeking courts assistance in regard to bankruptcy. The company has suffered various blows ever-since Sam Zell the Chicago property magnate acquired it for $8.2 billion last year. However Sam, who is Tribune’s chairman and CEO calmed the growing concerns by addressing reporters that it wont have much impact on the working of the company:

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Greg Osberg joins Buzzwire

image thumb152 Greg Osberg joins Buzzwire

Former president of Newsweek, Greg Osberg has joined a mobile video startup Buzzwire as its CEO. The startup assists operators and content providers to provide internet radio and videos on the cell phones. Greg had been a part of Newsweek for almost 18 years and was the one to launch its mobile version with a three year experience at CNET as president of sales and marketing. Carrying his vast experience into the startup, lets see if Buzzwire achieves success in its ventures.

image thumb148 BLACKBIRD – The Browser for African American’s

Browsers are just popping up from everywhere these days. And today we see Blackbirdt BLACKBIRD – The Browser for African American’s a new browser built on top of Mozilla technology, which would help the African Americans to discover relevant content on the web and to interact with other African American communities online by sharing stories, news, comments and videos via the browser.

Don’t you feel that it sound something close to Flockt BLACKBIRD – The Browser for African American’s the social browser?

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