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googleadsense logo thumb Google expanding AdSense for Domains Google announced that it is expanding AdSense for domains. The event unrolled as many publishers were approaching and looking towards Google in finding a way to monetize their domains. This would allow publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on their undeveloped domains.

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mercedes benz splitview technology thumb Mercedes unveils plans to debut Splitview Command Display

Car manufacturer Mercedes has announced plans to induct a Splitview Command display in its new S-Class models. This would bring in another luxury accessory in their line of cars, providing the passenger and driver to see different images on the same surface. Here’s how the system works: by using side-by-side pixel placement coupled with a filtering mask (lenticular printing?) the driver could view the GPS while the passenger would be able to watch his or her favorite DVD!

image thumb228 eMarketer awakes from a dream, cuts down estimates on ad spending

Ads on social networks will see an estimated $1.3 billion (10.2%) increase in spendings in 2009 as eMarketer puts out the numbers. This is lower than the $1.8 billion it has earlier thought of, but given the current recession any boost is more than welcome. The lowered expectations have resulted from the fact that the major online ad markets in the form of MySpace and Facebook have fallen down on estimates.

image thumb221 Newsweek: ‘We are in love with The Economist and will follow it!’

Newsweek had been busy slicing its staff to reduce expenses, presently it will be thinning its publication. It will be reducing subscribers and adding more images and opinions inside. The idea is to follow The Economist that has seen through the tough economic times owing to its opinions and analysis. It will also be reducing its number of copies by one million.

image thumb202 Beijing will be World’s largest Free WiFi city

If you are willing to have access to the largest and free WiFi access then make sure you are in Beijing by 2011. The plans were announced by Zhung Yu, Deputy Director of Beijing’s Information Technology Office stated:

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image thumb199 Wikipedia Unbanned in the U.K

What had been brewing up to become another battle between the law and online services, has been resolved sooner than anticipated. The ban put on Wikipedia in the U.K by IWF has been removed after Jimmy Wales threatened to take IWF to the court. IWF pulled back on its decision because it thought the action taken by it invited more attention to the issue and the image itself, stating in its release:

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KidZui 610x452 The ChildSafe Browser within Firefox   KidZui

KidZui, the child-safe browser maker, has put out a Firefox extension that keeps kids from visiting sites or accessing parts of your computer you don’t want them to  as a standalone application.

Your computer is now a personal kiosk, which enables you to set up a password within the app, that restricts your child from accessing even the desktop of your computer and if entered, he/she could not browse besides pre-approved KidZui websites.

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image thumb196 Backblaze brings online backup to Mac

After coming to the Windows in September, the online storage service, Backblaze now comes to the Mac as private beta. The online storage facility lets users make backups of their data for a mere $5 a month. It also provides ease of transferring the data back to their system via the web or through DVDs or a USB. The online backup service has seen significant success with Windows and comes loaded in the recent version of it. Let’s see if it meets the same success on the Mac.

image thumb194 Pulitzer Prize sees the importance of Web, as journalism moves online

With the print media slowly decaying, American Journalism’s highest honor, The Pulitzer Prize makes an important announcement; online only newspapers will be eligible for the Prize. So what exactly is online-only publication?  The press release stated:

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image thumb177 Receipt Tracking, SIMPLIFIED!!!   xpenser

Technology has revolutionized everything and made things more simple, but what about managing your business expenses? Worry not, webapp Xpenser, solves the problem with just a phonecall, SMS, or instant message.

Xpenser is powered by Jott voice transcription service and with the free, international voice service Dial2Do.

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