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image thumb11 4 Billion Monthly Clicks is What News Sites Will Lose If Google Can’t See News Content

Oh so the News industry thinks that Google is eating its piece of cake in huge chunks, especially Rupert Murdoch who thinks Content should be hidden from the Search Engines. Why? Well because there is no such thing as Free News! Well I don’t care about the content being free or not, but Google alone sends these news sites more than 4 Billion hits a month. Now all that promotion and hits are being done via search and if some half brained fool actually accepts Murdoch’s idea and puts an iron curtain on content from these sources, News itself would take a huge chunk worth 4 billion clicks from its share.

So what exactly is wrong with this? Well to be honest, if the point is journalists and agencies working hard and spending cash to put quality content online, these agencies can make a fortune out of those hits. So the missing link is the obvious bad advertising that makes them all feel the pinch. Alright I don’t side with actually putting the content out and about for free for every Tom, Dick and Harry, but hey that is where you get all the promotion from. The idea to limit free views per person to five sounds good enough, at least this would give consumers a chance to actually read and judge if the content is really worth what they want before they actually subscribe. Tell the truth here, how many of you would actually pay for a subscription if all you could decide on was one page?

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image thumb3 Spotify Spots and Pockets new CTO

Spotify is making all the moves as it hired Oskar Stål as its new CTO. The site had been for ages in the private beta version. And the news is the new CTO is pretty savvy with the mobile devices and with the mobile making great improvements and with platforms spreading hard and fast with the coming of better smartphones running powerful OS like the Symbian and the Android, Spotify has been doing good too as it has released apps for both the OS as well. And I guess the winner here is definitely the Symbian OS, given it powers a large portion of mobile market, which should be more than just a mouthful for a service that started off with less than half a dozen people and today it stands proud as one of the major players in the music streaming genre. I guess there is a whole lot more to do in the coming years, lets see where it stands by next year’s end.

image thumb Animoto Making Sure You Have The Best Holiday With Custom Greeting Videos

It has been helping users create custom slideshows with their photos, videos and music, Animoto is bringing something for the holiday season. With this new platform users will be able to create greeting cards, etc with its ready to use themes. The working is no rocket science whatsoever, simply upload images, videos, and music from the collection accompanied by text and you are displayed an equally appealing video. This utilizes the same concept as those applied in editing of television content and these are initially free for the beginner 30 second clips, while full length videos cost you $3. A fair deal to say the least as it offers you the best product for the price.

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image thumb113 BillShrink shrinks Purchase cost and expands to 1 Million users

Everyone loves saving some cash when it comes to paying bills, etc and no wonder BillShrink is growing up on it. The startup which lets users make better decisions when it comes to buying products, today crossed the 1 Million user mark after almost a year and a half since it was launched in April last year. Impressive in every way but it saving $1 Billion on bill saving is something i find hard to digest, I mean how many of us actually go about jumping from one cell phone or carrier to another? Not many and if it has actually done so, I am surprised how much can it actually help save on each deal? On the other note, the startup has been impressive at bagging all data from across the Web and making it more readily searchable across its platform. With this announced, the startup is planning to go ahead with the launch of a few additional features and services to grow further. Lets see how it fares with all the new improvements coming up.

image thumb70 Engadget redesigns itself and it looks far better than it did

Alright it shouldn’t be Yahoo that should get everything when it comes to coverage on redesign. Apparently the much famed tech blog, Engadget is working on revamping the layout, something they were planning to keep a secret until it leaked out. Te design to be honest looks very pleasing and neat, not that the previous one was ugly or something, but it just appeared way to cluttered and very white and zombie like. This new one is far more pleasing!

image thumb69 XIHA Life shakes hands with MySites: No Limits on Video Uploads!

XIHA Life the world’s first social network that facilitates interaction between people of various cultures and speaking different languages is expanding. The social network partnered with MySites, the storage service on the cloud, luckily we have covered both in quite detail. With this partnership, XIHA Life users will now be able to make unlimited video uploads to the social network’s community. And those video uploads have no time or duration limit, plus they can also upload HD videos. The partnership is a welcome move forward.

image thumb61 Kodak knows Twitter is important and TweetPhoto is what it will use to share Photos

Kodak is bringing its heavy duty imaging technology to utilize the ever popular social media. It is presently expanding in to use micro messaging service Twitter to have a greater influence online and is now using TweetPhoto to share photos by default. That is not a surprise, given that TweetPhoto itself has become a default photo sharing service on Twitter, plus it is also the default service to share photos on TweetDeck.

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image thumb52 The Hand Shake Movement now has a Wristband to call its own.. 10 for $20, 10 for $20!

Alright don’t get me wrong here. A wristband for some movement against HIV, terrorism or mere friendship sounds okay and acceptable but taking the Hand Shake movement this far sounds quite annoying. The movement itself has got such a flare that it has been given a blue colored wristband that says it out loud to skip the shake and Fight the Flu. I am not sure how many die hard followers this campaign has but for those who really are can get ten for $20.

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image thumb50 NASA: From myths of a Moon Base to actually  finding Water on Moon

The Moon bombings might not have gone in vain as all television networks alerted the audiences of NASA finding water on the Moon. The LCROSS mission had uncovered the water on Moon last month in the Cabeus cater on Moon’s South  Pole. The image released shows the explosion 20 seconds later and the plume sort of appears to be… a face [watch closely please]. Whatever that explosion may look like, NASA says it has hands on massive amounts of useful data, meaning we might have some other interesting things coming out for us in due time.
One question, is this water drinkable? I mean the astronauts might need some to kill their thirst in later missions.

image thumb49 Rupert Murdoch has the perfect formula for News Corps Suicide: Make it invisible to Search!

What exactly is this new strategy of Rupert Murdoch?  I mean why would he make News Corps’ content invisible to search engines? Okay, have the ever hungry lovers of News Corps subscribe to get the same news which they can elsewhere? Too many questions, but to be honest this is such a lame move, given that almost every other news service is leveraging the power of search engines to generate that extra bit of traffic along with a few bucks. Apparently Murdoch thinks Google users usually come to the site, thanks to a search, read one article and then disappear. So I guess he is trying to state that every other service should do the same? Bad move, and I hope he reverses it before News Corp is left to be nothing but some once glorified name in the next few years to come.