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image thumb458 Games and virtual worlds hit a home run with $500 million in fundings in 08

According to our friends, the present year turned out to be the best for virtual worlds and games as they mustered $500 million in funds. Of course chances are many of the games and virtual worlds will end up buried due to the present economic crisis. But the fundings provided to each speak that they are opportunities waiting to be further exploited. Names like BigFish Games ($83 million for downloadable games), Trion World Network ($70 million for online games) and Real Time Worlds ($50 million for online games) top the list of most funded games and virtual world fundings.

laptop img thumb Netbooks a factor behind increase in laptop sales

As reported earlier, laptop sales have increased by far, going past desktop PC sales. Netbooks play a key factor in this as Matthew Wilkins – a principal analyst for compute platforms at iSuppli notes:

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image thumb435 Death Threat on Xbox Live, can we ignore these?

I wouldn’t have minded anyone threatening to kill me while I enjoyed online gaming, but in present times, when reports of killing, suicides have become a norm, I would rather walk away. A similar threat was received by Zatz while he enjoyed Call of Duty stating that he would be killed in real life with a gun. Our friend, like every one didn’t take chances and decided to get a gamer-tag to avoid identification the next time he plays at Xbox Live. The bad thing here is that he had to pay Microsoft a fee ($10 charges) for this, even though he had complained why he had to do this. The staff paid no heed and were only concerned with the cash they got. Of course this can be a joke or something but can we really ignore this?

vulnerableapplications 20081 Mozilla’s Firefox is the most vulnerable application of 2008

Massachusetts based Bit9 has released a report containing a list of The Most Vulnerable Applications of 2008. The criteria for an application to be vulnerable is also described on the report. Some of which are described below.

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LG’s get’s Illuminated

image thumb433 LG’s get’s Illuminated

We all worry about using our laptops for outdoor use due to the effect of the sun on the LCD screen. But today that problem has also been addresses thanks to LG Koreas  new 14.1 LCD, dedicated for notebooks designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The technology now enables you to see perfectly under all lighting conditions be it under the sun as well. And LG also claims that the Company’s 14.1” Sunlight Illuminated LCD Reduces Power Consumption by 75% When Outdoors.

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image thumb431 Chubby Fingers? No Worries Transparent Touchscreen Perfect For You

Today Microsoft Research and the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, have created a smart device for users like me(who has chubby fingers, yes i do) and some some you out there, dubbed NanoTouch. With a 6cm screen with a 6cm touchpad on the back which allows you to use your device and manipulate the menus from behind.

Quite simple but really effective, as previously whenever i used to put my finger on the touch screen I couldn’t see what was going on on the screen due to the width of my finger but now all thanks goes to NanoTouch.

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image thumb429 Plentyoffish.com sees an Increase in MarketShare

Canadian dating site Plentyoffish.com currently serves over 900,000 active daily members has seen a potential increase in its market share despite growing competition from websites like Match.com and eHarmony.

Plentyoffish has around 17.02% of the US market share while ehormony boasts 2-5% of it. The amazing trend that the dating website saw was that usually in the holiday season fewer signups are recorded compared the signups throughout the year but at this time of the year it is not so.

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image thumb428 JS Kit introduces Picture comments

JS-Kit has added a new feature to its feedback widget that lets users improve comments by enabling picture comments on more than 600,000 websites. This isn’t something new, given that many services are already providing video commenting. That’s not it, JS-Kit has also announced that it will embrace OpenID. The service has been busy lately, with acquisitions and partnerships.

image thumb427 Alert Thingy gets an upgrade: Plans to be a Social desktop app

Alert Thingy has upgraded its service that lets you control your accounts on various social networks from your desktop. The support for Pownce has been removed since the service has been closed, but interestingly enough it will no longer support FriendFeed. That’s surprising as it has actually begun as FriendFeed’s desktop app. I guess the decision has come to make it a social desktop app, plus it has also rolled a version for FriendFeed alone. The new version is interesting with a revamped interface and support for reading feeds, giving you the ability to read feeds right on your desktop.

image thumb424 Australia follows China on banning services; bans BitTorrent

Australia is desperately trying to follow China when it comes to blocking services on the web with a country wide block on BitTorrent. The block was announced when Censorship minister, Stephen Conroy talked about testing new filters to block the service. What’s the point in doing so? Any of our readers like to shed some light?