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iphone sales thumb Apple’s iPhone Browser Share up by 36%

This Christmas week brought goodies for Apple as it say it’s browser market shot up 36%. This was released by a report from Net Applications. This doesn’t actually translate to sales going up, on the other hand it shows how many people actually bought a new iPhone in late December or around Christmas.

amd logo thumb AMD to sustain $70 million for restructuring in Q4

According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has said that the company will incur $70 million as restructuring cost in the fourth quarter. The filing also sees the layoff of employees which was announced to be 500 but reached close to 600.

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fcc kevinmartin thumb FCC’s Martin revives wireless broadband plan: drops porn filtering

A revised plan for a free wireless broadband service has been put forward by Kevin Martin, the chairman of Federal Communications Commission. This version of the plan removes the controversial porn filtering requirement – and has yet to get acknowledgment from four other members of the board. Martin states:

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image thumb488 Glassdoor releases list of the best and worst working places

Glassdoor, an online portal that lets employees have their say about firms and employers rolled out its list of the best and worst places to work in. The list includes companies from various sectors, including the tech. It was interesting to seem Netflix, Adobe, Google and Apple in the top ten while other notable companies like AT&T, eBay being in the list of worse place to work in. Of course the survey is based on a small number of employees who are registered at Glassdoor, but it’s definitely Worth noting for the firms that they need to improve the working conditions they facilitate their employees with.

image thumb486 Game Consoles add $1 billion to Energy bills a year

National Resources Defense Council mentioned in a study that Americans use as much as $1 billion worth of energy to power their game boxes. Of course this is much less than that consumed by other electric appliances (irons, microwaves, etc) but then people don’t generally leave them switched on, as the case is with gamers. I face this problem at home (I bet others do so) that my brother leaves them on until he returns (it’s usually hours later). given that a PS3 uses 150 watts, it’s a waste, big time. Why do people do that? To continue from where they leave? Sounds idiotic, given that one can save the game to do the same.

audiolizer sshot dec08 Your iTunes Library now Goes With You   Audiolizer


Tired of the same old music services on the web? Audiolizer is one of the best music services that you could get on the web, and definitely a must try for 2009. Besides streaming music for FREE, one thing I liked about audiolizer was that your could import your iTunes library to Audiolizer, virtually giving you access to it anywhere.

The service is quite good and some unique features such as music discovery are absolutely brilliant. Most of all I loved the User Interface a lot.

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AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m

yp AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m

I wished I had owned the domain YP.com! Today AT&T’s YellowPagest AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m acquired YP.comt AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m from LiveDealt AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m (formerly YP Corp.) for $3.85m in cash.

That’s a lot of money, considering the fact that the domain was only worth half the price it was paid for.

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Microsoft Security Is a Conflict of Interest 2 Microsoft Refutes for Media Player Vulnerability

SecurityFocus’s Bugtraq site highlighted a vulnerability that effects windows users via Microsoft Media Player on Dec 24. The security company said that a remote code execution existed for media  players ranging from version 9-11 for both XP and Vista based PC’s.

But Microsoft denies the reports and said that the results are false, although Microsoft did approve that the application crashes instead of effecting the rest of the system.

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The OLPC Gets John Lennon…

video28cc03ec2e93 The OLPC Gets John Lennon…

Does the word OLPC make you remind something? Yes that’s right the organization trying to equip the world poorest children with cheap laptops for education. Today the OLPC released an advertisement based on Singing Legend John Lennon approving the cause.

In my opinion, being a fan of John Lennon. believe that bringing the dead star back into the scene for such publicity was a cheap act, and also that the ad was to dry.

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netbook light thumb Netbooks sales going well at Amazon

The introduction of netbooks have given notebook manufacturers something to be happy about, as these are increased sales. Take Amazon for example – 17 out of 25 top-selling notebooks were (round about $500) netbooks. This’s a rarity as notebook sales had been steadily falling each year; whereas since the introduction of netbooks – notebook companies have started to breathe easily.