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image thumb136 Lycos: “Lycos Mail and Tripod will be history on Feb. 15”

Lycos Europe will be pulling down the shutters on its email as well as its website creation hosting service, Tripod.  The reason for the shut down is the parent company, Telefonica’s  decision to put a stop to each of the mentioned services as they have termed un-profitable. The date for closure has been set for February 15 and users of its mail service were notified via email from the company:

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image thumb135 Jaiku hibernating as it dreams to bring something more useful

While many of us were counting days till the micro-blogging service Jaiku shuts down its founder said nothing is going to kill it. In his post, Jyri Engeström stated that the service will stay alive and will come up serving something more useful. His words do have weight as it had already migrated to the Google App Engine from where its code will be under license from Apache along with fully supporting OAuth. I bet its support for the OAuth will definitely give it an edge over Twitter for it still deprives its community of that.

child porn 320 thumb German Government looking to rid porn from Internet through ISPs

The German government has decided to put a stop to ‘child porn’, and will start handing out blacklists to ISPs soon. The German family minister, Ursula von der Leyen said that they’re expecting technical implementation to go live this year. Though it’s easy to say that people will find a way around this; as a press release also notes:

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graph down thumb Stats show IT venture investments worst Q4 decline in a decade

A report carried out by VentureSource shows how the venture capital investments in IT companies went down by 40 percent in the fourth quarter – making it the worst decline in a decade. IT venture capital shows a plunge of $2.18 billion in Q4. Whereas software companies which the biggest part of IT venture investments saw funding falling to $4.73 billion.

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geoeye dc Watch Tuesday’s Presidential Ceremony – With a Touch of “Space”

Yet again technology proves to be worthy enough of getting us all connected. Who would have thought that you can view satellite imagery live on your browsers even 10-15 years ago. 

GeoEye-1, also referred to a the Google Satellite(Google has a deal to use its pictures for its Google Maps and Google Earth products), will be covering the election inauguration campaign on Tuesday live, being the only media coverage source with a perspective from Space.

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support IT Venture investments in Q4, termed as “WORST”

The world is going through tough times, and as a result we see that brilliant ideas amongst technology are being holded back due to a 40 percent down in investments to around $2.18 billion in the fourth quarter of 2008, its worst level in a decade reported by VentureSource.

Many VC are already pulling out their funding from tech startups, giving no hope to future pioneers of the world.

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image thumb132 Get Gaming Widgets for Your Site   HeyZap \

We all love games, and specially the online gaming industry has boomed in the past year. But still there are many of us looking for playing casual games. And what better way for you to get traffic than putting games onto your website. Heyzap, a  new gaming startup enables you to put game widgets on to your site.

At a click of a button you “Gamify” a game to get the embeddable code and Walla, and I particularly believe that this is a good way for developers to reach a far wider audience as we all now how widgets spread like toxic on the web.

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Rent Your College Books – BookSwim…

image thumb131 Rent Your College Books – BookSwim…

BookSwim, considered as the Netflix/Blockbuster for books, has launched a new feature today on within its service, Rent College Books.

Many of us might be starting a new semester this year, probably looking for new books but not wanting to keep them fro long term. Now your worries are solved via renting them either for a month or a full semester.

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social networks reasons thumb Reports shows Adults signing up for Social Networks more and more now

Over the past four years adult internet users signing up for social networks has seen a big increase. In the U.S. the stats have quadrupled: from 8% of adults having a social network profile in 2005 to 35% in 2008. The reason for this increase is particularly for, well, social networking and not for professional networking.

German Tech Blog Gets Sold for $62,330…

basicthinking German Tech Blog Gets Sold for $62,330…


Basic Thinking, considered as the techcrunch of Germany, went on an auction early this January and today has been bought by  Serverloft, a German supplier of “professional root servers” with headquarters near Cologne, Germany, for €46,902 ($62,300 USD).

If we look through some Centernetworks reports about the tech site, it had 25,000 RSS subscribers and “a good deal of commenting activity which shows an active community.”

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