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image thumb24 The Missing Majority On The Web: Is Complex Technology Putting Barriers To Make People Look Beyond The Read Only Medium?

Something remarkable happened on the Web during the last few years. Initially the Web was like a spectator sport where millions of us sat around the stadium and watched the creation of a small number of people. That picture started changing a few years ago when a large number of us got off our seats and walked into the playing field. We were not passive spectators any more, and quickly realized while it is enjoyable to watch the game, it is lot more fun to play it too. Today many of us actively change the Web almost every day by writing blogs, commenting on them, exchanging notes through Facebook and Twitter, posting our photographs and videos, writing product reviews, or simply by voting on something. What was strictly a read-only medium became a read-write medium. What was a passive activity became an active one. The growth of Web 2.0 has been phenomenal and spectacular.

During all this time the number of people on the web has been growing steadily. According to internetworldstats.com, the number of web users across the world is 1.7 billion in 2010, and Facebook, by far the most popular social media site, have nearly 500 million users. Therefore, the percentage of web users who are on Facebook is about 29%. The web metrics company Alexa also estimates that 34% of all web users are on Facebook. This is a jaw-dropping number, and far exceeds any other social media site, including Twitter, which enjoys less than 7% of all Web users (see Alexa graph).

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image thumb20 The Redirecting Issue At Startup Meme Has Been Resolved – Apology To Our Readers For Inconvenience

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic, especially for the fact that Startup Meme had been under attack and almost the links redirected to a malicious site. We discovered that the issue wasn’t just affecting us and many sites, including GoDaddy had been affected by the same. It has affected us badly and more importantly has caused our valuable readers a lot of problems.

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image thumb12 Open Letter To Wateen: Your Service Sucks !!!!

I am patriot, there is no doubt about it at all but, this is one is a big but, butting in between my love for the country, the tech sphere and the state of services provided. Every now and then we get big names stepping in the Internet scene promising big, delivering, well a bread crumb to the say the most. I am preparing myself to flood accusations at my Internet Service provider, Wateen Telecom for providing a service that is nothing less than crap. Oh, and the customer support is equally pathetic, sending those SMS updates with excuses for the service breakdowns.

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image thumb5 LG Set To Release Its Own Android Powered Tablet…. And There Begins a Race!

Looks like everyone is heading over to make tablets and compete with Apple’s iPad. Let’s not make this article too search engine friendly and come to the point as LG announced its plans to introduce Google’s Android based tablet computer. If that is true we might be testing the Android based LG Tablet by the end of this year, probably.

Before I go any further, this is a whole new rat race and everyone is trying its best to stay abreast of Apple, LG throwing the ball in the same direction doesn’t surprise me. This signals at the shift in the computer industry as we have seen quite a rapid evolution of the machines in the last decade, especially. Desktops computers becoming lesser in volume, with additional power, laptops shifting towards netbooks and now the tablets. The idea of portability is the key here and with the iPad, we have seen that these can be equally powerful. The manufacturers stepping in the field would encourage tougher competition and there will be a coming of more powerful devices.

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image thumb42 AT&T: We Are Apologize 114,000 iPad 3G Owners For Letting Goatse Security Screw With Your Accounts

AT&T is aware that it made a mess of user privacy, when a a group of Hackers by the name of Goatse Security successfully exposed over 114,000 iPad 3G owners emails. This happened right when the WWDC 2010 was in full sway. The carrier has apologized its customers in a letter sent out to them earlier.

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image thumb17 The Censorship Stronger In China As FourSquare Got Blocked Over Tiananmen Anniversary

While back in Pakistan, I was busy with the Cyclone threat from Phet that had been building up, China found itself blocking yet another website. This time it is the ever growing Foursquare and the reason for the block is Tiananmen Square.

The ban was initiated on June 4 as the the country was set to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the event when 3,000 protesters, which included students were massacred by the Chinese government. According to the law in the communist state, it is forbidden to discuss about the incident in the country and the Internet is to obey the same rules. The censoring of the site is not a new one, given that even Google obeyed the country’s law and kept search results in strict compliance to the government. Even access to Twitter was blocked last year for the same reasons.

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image thumb82 Pakistan Blog Awards 2010: Great Community, Disappointing Panelists, A Commendable Effort Nonetheless

Today ended on a very low energy after it started with a lot of buzz for Pakistan’s first Blog Awards as we reported earlier. While the joy was there for the ceremony, a pretty horrendous incident marked the day as Lahore was attacked by terrorists, killing over 60 people. There were concerns over security but the evening ended on a rather sorrowful note.

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image thumb81 Pakistan’s First Blog Awards Set To Take Place Today – Look Forward To These

Finally things are happening in Pakistan other than mere bans on the social networks; the Blog Awards, first of its kind in Pakistan and honestly I look forward to these. Startup Meme was nominated for the awards as well and many of our followers voted for us, whom we are all thankful to. It will be interesting to see how the first event fares and how it progresses in the future as well.

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image thumb66 Update: YouTube And Wikipedia Unblocked In Pakistan: A Relief To Heightening Frustrations

I know many people in Pakistan were frustrated by the government banning access to YouTube and Wikipedia but there is good news for them all. People can access both the websites for now and I can bet everyone will be rejoicing this, I am to say the least. While this is good news for sure, Facebook still remains blocked, something that has made the liberals feels frustrated and left out.

I have no idea whether the accessibility is temporary or the ban has been lifted for good. But if you happen to be one of those detesting the bans in Pakistan, please do record and upload your video comments on the Online Video sharing site, chances are quite high that your view points might get a few hundred views of the 2 billion that YouTube gets each day.

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image thumb59 Facebook Ban Followed By Ban On YouTube And Flickr By Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.. Is Twitter Next?

Today is the day for which a group was created promoting the Draw Mohammad Day on Facebook and as a result the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was directed by the Lahore High Court to ban Facebook for an indefinite period effective from May 19. It appears that the PTA has also blocked access via proxy sites, access to social networking site via Mobile devices and any other way deemed possible. While I thought that was it, authorities here have got even stricter and have issued a ban on YouTube, Flickr as well.

This ban is temporary on YouTube and Flickr as of now, but we aren’t sure how long does temporary actually mean. Facebook hasn’t taken any action against the page stating that the page doesn’t violate any of its Terms and Conditions. I am surprised at this as many a caricatures were a direct insult to the Muslim faith and my point is justified. Of the 1 million or so Pakistani users on Facebook, 90% or so are in favor of this decision.

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