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image thumb52 Robert Scoble: FastCompany I am done with you

Robert Scoble has announced his departure from FastCompany after working there for almost a year. Reasons? Well he hasn’t had Seagate’s $1 million contract renewed. Troubling? Not at all for this man who is always on the edge of everything that has anything to do with the Internet Technologies. Reports state that he already has plans for something new and without a doubt it will be something that pulls people to it in numbers.

Zoho Writer got a facelift along with the inclusion of new features that make the interface more user friendly. The improvements include a completely revamped menu bar that now puts options as tabs and has named it likewise MenuTab. This makes it more user friendly, especially if you are one those who have been using traditional word processing software. Other notable inclusions are Word Count, Collaborative Editing, etc. To be honest I don’t like using any other tool except MS. Word for writing,  but this one looks tidy to write on and off.

image thumb38 BlackBerry renames app store to Application Center: I am tired of my stiff appearance!

I guess BlackBerry is trying to shed off its aging and ah, I am so mature persona to become more hippy, as it changed the name of its Application Center to BlackBerry App World. This had been in plan since October last year. I am not sure why was their a need to do this? First they removed the keyboard from their device, which was something I so loved about it and now the name, of course there is nothing wrong about it. But…. BlackBerry App World? It’s like seeing a grandpa hopping around with a candy in his mouth and shouting I am a kid.

image thumb23 Browser War: IE continues its journey down while Firefox climbs

The Browser War continues as the Internet Explorer continues to slide slowly down in percentage. I guess IE will continue to fall and lose the battle to Firefox that continues hopping up without looking back, while Safari maintains its position. Another interesting thing here is how Chrome is progressing and though there is time until it climbs past Safari, I can still bet it to go way beyond and has everything to threat IE and Firefox in the long run.

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image thumb18 The price for 10MB hard disk in the 80s: A MacBook, iPhone, HTC G2

That’s what a 10MB hard disk, that’s so obsolete in the modern world would have cost you thirty years back. How expensive is that? Enough that you can buy the latest MacBook Pro, an iPhone, HTC’s G2 and a few more gadgets in the present world if I am not wrong. And it makes me shiver thinking about the person who paid that price to buy a hard disk would go through when he sees 1,500 hard disks crashing at the same time!

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image thumb17 Skype partners with Spinvox to convert Voice messages to SMS

If you need to send your voice messages as SMS over Skype, be ready to spend 25 cents per message as Skype partners with Spinvox to bring the feature. But there are issues, first being that you will be charged for multiple messages if your SMS exceeds the 160 characters. Plus the cost for message doesn’t include the standard cost that Skype charges. No matter how good this sounds, I would rather not use it,although it comes with support for English, German, French and Spanish languages with more to be added soon.

image thumb15 Asus all in one Eee Top coming out by March 9

Asus is rolling out its all in one devices next time via Amazon. Presently they are available for a pre order and cost $600 for a 15.6 inch model. The device appears neat for its price with 1GB of Ram, 160GB storage. Reports also state that Asus will be coming out with an even bigger version, a 22 inch model sometime soon. Means if you are patient enough and your pocket can afford that patience, I suggest you wait for sometime before rushing off for this one.

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image thumb10 Flickr fears Facebook eating its cake, opens video sharing to gain popularity

It appears that MySpace is not the only one that is threatened of being washed away by Facebook but the phobia has find path into Flickr. The reason? Facebook lets users upload unlimited photos and videos. The result? Flickr has opened its video upload and sharing to all, taking a jump away from its service only available to pro users. it would let users to upload videos of 90 second duration while those with a pro account can utilize its high definition. Apart from that users with free accounts will only be allowed a 100 MB limit, what a big turn off. First you are trying to save your market share in photo sharing services, next you try to compete video sharing sites that include the Herculean YouTube. Sounds so not appealing and I say Flickr should try and concentrate at doing what it has done best, provide better photo sharing experience for users.

image thumb8 Mobivox unveils CRM over voice

Provider of voice activated mobile services, Mobivox enhanced its services platform with CRM over voice. This would further make the service more useful for both service providers and online community partners. In a press release, CEO Peter Diedrich stated:

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image thumb6 Report: The Web is more important than a Soul mate; thats how badly we are caught in the web!

While the web may not spend a countless bucks on you or give the exact emotional support that a real partner would a study in Germany states that people ages between 19-29 years think life without the Web is impossible. That’s right, in a survey conduced by Bitkom, as many as 84% of the people under study considered the web more important than owning a car or more importantly having a partner. Bitkom president, August-Wilhelm Scheer, stated:

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