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image thumb2 Response: Print is Dead! Long Live Print?

This post is a follow up comment to @Jordan Kurzweil published on TechCrunch (Print is Dead! Long Live Print?)

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Thought after several questions being asked by many a friends on what are the different mobile payment methods that something simple should be shared. While an explanation is not a problem, nothing beats a good infographic at getting the point through. So here we are sharing this.

The infographic very briefly explains the different mobile payment methods that exist. Some of those are:

  • Mobile at the Point of Sale: the best example would be the Google Wallet.
  • Mobile as the Point of Sale
  • The Mobile Payment Platform
  • Direct Carrier Billing: where a purchase amount is adjusted in your carrier billing
  • Closed Loop mobile payment

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We were astonished to learn that in 2011, Ringtones were still big and earning 4 times more revenue than many Internet giants. We actually thought that ringtones were dead. I think the more hit  tunes we have on records, we will continue to have ringtones.

What’s the ringtone on your phone right now?

ringtones Infographic: What Happened To Ringtones?

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Apple recently went past the $370 billion in revenue and the company has definitely hushed many of its competitors and haters. We just thought we would share the infographics on what companies are smaller than Apple. While the infographic does make this look as if Apple is some Greek god and that no one has ever been so highly valued, it sums to be interesting overall. Especially when you have a country’s budget to compare with.

Following is the infographic on What Companies are smaller than Apple with thanks to Visual.ly.

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LED Technologu Lighting Things Up Differently With LED Technology

While there is a good chance you have seen these cars racing furiously fast in movies glowing in beautiful and sleek ways. Do I need to mention Fast and the Furious here? This comes from lighting that is changing how we are going to be quite literally seeing the future. LED lights have fast become a viable alternative to traditional lighting. And the technology doesn’t stop there. Aside this remarkable lighting technology being utilized in traditional vehicle bulbs and the underside of cool street cars this state of the art lighting technology is being used in some innovative ways. Now even our display devices are using the same technology.

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image thumb26 Gamers Unlock AIDS Mystery That Scientists Had Little Clue About

What has baffled researchers for centuries appears to have been a few days of gameplay for some people. That’s exactly what the current news suggests, stating that gamers have decrypted the structure of Key proteins in the development of AIDS. Gamers, research, decipher, AIDS? I don’t really see a connection, but that’s a fact for now. Something that has given scientists a new direction with their study of AIDS and what could perhaps be at finding a cure for the incurable disease.

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image thumb18 The Pirate Bay Turns 8! Happy Birthday!

Countless Torrents for movies, songs, books and what not. The highly controversial torrent site, The Pirate Bay is celebrating its 8th birthday. I am sure there are a countless brands and bands and what not who are plotting and planning to file a lawsuit or two to have this banned but its loyal users are always behind it to ensure it is always up.

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android ios battle funny 300x187 Infographic: How Android And iOS Users Differ

If your choice of colors to what socks you wear can predict your personality trait, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your mobile operating system can be used to tell what TV shows you watch or what hobbies you like to pursue. Researchers can pull in data from a small survey and predict what the trend is generally.

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image thumb18 Apple’s Data Centers Aren’t Green Says Greenpeace

As much as Apple wins all the press coverage with praise, etc it is essential that some people show its ugly side. Greenpeace release a technology report titled How Dirty Is You Data? Apple is placed last in the list of companies mentioned in the report. Something to slice Apple with. Read More »

image thumb11 iPhone 5 Images Leaked Or Is It Verizon iPhone 4?

Haven’t there been a lot of Apple leaks since the whole iPhone 4 saga? Reports are rolling out of images of the next generation of the iPhone being leaked. You can call this the iPhone 5 or the Verizon iPhone 4 based on the CDMA Technology. But in all honesty, the device has quite a lot of differences in design, these can be credited to Apple and Steve Jobs paying attention to reduce or totally resolve the Antennagate issue.

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