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image thumb65 Opera releases Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile

While it has been out for other mobile OS, Opera has today released Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile based devices. There are no tweaks or a difference in any manner about the browser and is similar to the version released for the Symbian based devices. But the overall appearance is much improved as had been said earlier and is much faster to work with. Plus the Turbo mode does an impressive job by speeding up browsing by compressing pages on its servers.

image thumb59 And out comes another Android Device from Samsung: Galaxy Spica.. odd name.. very odd indeed

Here comes another one from Samsung as the mobile manufacturer announced the release of its latest Android based smartphone: Galaxy Spica. Quite a name to go with Android and gives it quite a Galactic combination. The device has a powerful 800 MHz processor and with DivX support it makes it the firs of its kind, that along with the 3.2 inch screen would make it worthy to watch videos on the go. I guess the winning aspect to it is the expandable memory which can work around with up to a 32 GB card and WiFi to go along. The device is available in many countries across Asia and Europe but no word on US markets at present.

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image thumb70 Motorola set to bring its Android based phones out on November 6

There have been quite some talks about Motorola working on a device to come running on the Android platform. Well it appears that the Moto Droid is just a week away from the launch and will be available on November  6. The price tag on this will be $199 and will come with a two year contract. Apart from that users will need to pay $39 for the voice plan and $29 for the email plan. It will be interesting to see what exactly is the device like and is it really worth all the effort they are putting. To be honest the device looks too much like old HTC models, just my thoughts.

It failed miserably to impress consumers the way it hoped to with BlackBerry Storm, the plus point of the device being the first touchscreen from the makers. That isn’t the end of the world as the manufacturer is giving it another shot. BlackBerry Storm 2 is the second version of the device which boasts a price of $200 and a higher memory that is expandable up to 32 GB microSD card and a 3.2 MP camera. The other notable addition is the inclusion of WiFi. The trademark keyboard is also gone and you have the sort of device you might just like it. But who is going to buy  it? Is the device going to be impressive enough to have people spending in it?

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image thumb41 Nokia takes a hit as shares fall by 6.02%

Nokia has ruled the mobile market for quite a long time now but it appears that the cell phone manufacturer has got worries knocking its doors. The manufacturer faced a tick over 6% slip in shares as the losses hammered to a whopping $842 Million. The reason for this plunge? Well the market is so filled with variety now, you have the iPhone that caters to the need of the vast user base in the 15-30 year age group, then you have the much cheaper devices that are feature rich coming from LG and Samsung at such a high rate that things tend to get quite problematic for Nokia. I guess what needs to be done is that Nokia needs to inject some newer blood into its models that compete the market in every possible way. To be honest, any Nokia device would last longer than the many high end phones out there but at the end of the day it’s all what the consumers require and while Nokia has been satisfying its users for ages, the younger generation just doesn’t appear to be so.

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image thumb29 Dictionary.com App comes to BlackBerry devices

It has taken quite some time, the Dictionary.com application. It only recently released the iPhone app and today it rolled out its application for the Blackberry devices. The application is a bit different from the one it released for the iPhone as it provides audio pronunciation along with the definition for over 500,000 words, spelling suggestions and the word of the day not just in English, but in Spanish at the same time. Apart from that it also displays the definition for the word or an associated word while you read an email or write it. I guess the features of the application differ for the BlackBerry due to the category of people it caters to. To be honest the bulk of professional folks out there who go about their business aren’t very comfortable with the iPhone and for them Blackberry is the obvious choice. With additional functions to the app, it fulfills all the needs of any user for no charges whatsoever.

image thumb20 Apple, Android and everything else in Mobile market. Microsoft??

Apple has taken a huge jump in the mobile marketing share ever since it released its iPhone and ever more during the last one year. Its share have reached an impressive 23%, jumping from around 16% last year. Plus Google is right there signing deals with major manufacturers to have more devices for the Android platform (Dell for example). Of course those digits are for the US market where Research in Motion has a major chunk of the market (around 50% or so) but it continues to drop. Well Blodget was quite right about it, where in the word is Microsoft? To be honest, nowhere. So what it should do about it? As he says, Microsoft should acquire RIMM, why? Because that is the only way Microsoft can do some business in the mobile market and stay alive while Apple and Google continue their climb and it’s only going to get worse as time moves on. But the whole point is if Microsoft is really interested in all this or will it really wait for the water to go above its heads when it begins to spend even more to get market attention and share. Not sure, but let’s  see how seriously Microsoft really takes this seriously.

image thumb57 Nokia Research Center: Making Life more Mobile

The place is very peaceful, nothing close to the bustling cities I have grown used to, but Helsinki did give a chance to get an idea of what the research is about at Nokia. Sounds more like a travelogue doesn’t it, but I will keep it that way since I am traveling. Cutting the lectures short, I was lucky to get an over look on what Nokia is busy with.

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image thumb27 Glam Media now steps in to Mobiles

Glam Media is stepping into your mobile devices, why? Well it has got the name and it has the success and Mobile is the next stop where they need to tap out the maximum. The distributed media network will initiate its mobile version tomorrow called GlamMobile, its content and mobile ad platform which the launch initially made in Japan with it coming to the U.S and Europe soon. They will be using GlamAdapt to analyze users mobile carrier and the specs of the device to see what level of multimedia it can handle and send ads that can run on the device. They have the market to leverage and go ahead and I bet going mobile only means bringing in a wider reach more instantly.