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image thumb57 Unlocked HTC Phones Will Be Flooding Markets

If you want to make it big amongst your consumers you need to listen to your community. I have always been surprised as to why would HTC power its mobiles with the open sourced Android operating system and yet prevent users from making changes in the software itself. The sense UI, etc, which often makes going hardcore of your smartphone a bit difficult.

However things are changing as Peter Chou, mentioned that HTC will be changing the Bootloader on HTC. He stated on the Facebook page:

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image thumb56 Google Wallet Debuts To Rid You Of Your Traditional WalletI find it pretty annoying to carry my wallet everywhere, even the credit cards available in abundance. Sounds and looks so old school but Google is coming to resolve that. Google Wallet was recently announced and comes with a promise to rid you of your traditional wallet. I mean why carry one when you can have everything on your mobile?

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image thumb51 iPhone, iPad, Android Phones Trade In Available At AmazonIf you are not into selling your old gadgets simply because you don’t get a respectable price for it. I have major issues with ridding myself of these and I keep running out of space to keep these. Trade-in sites flourish all across the Web, but to have a reputable name doing this just makes things more trust worthy. Earlier, Amazon announced its trade-in program for electronic devices as well. Which includes the iOS devices. Read More »

image thumb48 Motorola DROID 3 Images Leaked, What Is It Made Of?And so much for the rumors on the next generation of the iPhone, there are a few leaked images of the upcoming Motorola DROID 3. Honestly it isn’t different in terms of the look, perhaps the typical slide out keyboard has become a standard for Motorola DROID. I would be keen at learning what exactly are the specs of the hardware though, which is what would make it worth buying.

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image thumb29 Nokia N9 On The FCC, More Bands Than The Eye Can MeetThere is a lot of stir associated to the Microsoft and Nokia Partnership and we are all in wait for 2012 when Nokia is expected t release as many as 4 Windows Phone 7 powered devices. While there is still quite a lot of time before 2012 comes in, we have got our hands at the upcoming Nokia N9 and the device appears monstrous. Read More »

Angry Birds Craft Angry Birds Theme Song Video Goes Viral

There is nothing more viral than an interesting video on YouTube. I mean its easier to decipher, much easier to get the message across and much more sensible to share. I came across Mashable recently and stumbled over a recent addition to the many self made videos from YouTube celebrities. Read More »

image thumb21 Samsung Galaxy S II Surges Past 3 Million Pre Orders Globally

The need for faster ad more powerful mobile devices continues to rise or maybe its the manufacturers who are speeding up the manufacturing of the more powerful smartphones. The battle is between the giants like the iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia who are adamant of providing the best experience to their users and push them into a competition that’s never ending. Samsung’s Galaxy SII has made it big with the Korean manufacturer selling 120,000 units in the first 3 days, which substantial.

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image thumb15 Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone: Oh Please Stop This Apple!

Samsung seems to have angered Apple in terms of copying design of the iPhone and the iPad. The allegation comes when the Samsung Galaxy’s range of mobiles was found to be pretty similar to the iPhone models. And from what I see from the picture above, it sure looks a total mimic.

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image thumb13 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Android Honeycomb, Dual Core Processor And Dual Camera

The Mobile World Congress might be a bit too big of an event for me to cover but here’s one big news. Samsung announced or rather revealed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at the MWC 2011 and the device is impressive by all means.

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Don’t be addicted to technology. That’s what I would recommend to anyone who isn’t yet. The concept of waiting for the right device to make the purchase is a totally pointless thing to do. Why? Innovation. I guess it won’t be wrong to state that there is a new smartphone being rolled out every month. It is evident that I feel the emptiness of not having the latest Android smartphone, which is the Samsung Galaxy S2.

image thumb11 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Phone Image And Specs Leaked

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