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image thumb10 Nokia Says Yes To Windows Phone 7: Because iOS Won’t Sell And Android Is On The Hated List!

This is big, really big and hopefully will lessen my hate for both Nokia’s smartphones and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 alike. Today Nokia officially announced its partnership with Microsoft to port the Windows Phone 7 as its primary mobile platform.

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image thumb80 Opinion: Why Nokia Partnership With Microsoft Prove Beneficial For Nokia

There has been quite a stir about Nokia being in talks with the likes of Google in connection to the Android platform. Nokia has of course turned down any possibility of this Android Nokia marriage ever happening. But to the contrary, I believe such a move would only prove beneficial for Nokia in the long run. Of course Android is not the only option. This brings us to the recent news on Nokia in talks with Microsoft, not surprising at all as the two have been in talks now for a couple of months.

We can of course turn this down as a plain rumor for Nokia is adamant at building up on its own OS. There are plans for 2011 and we can expect revamped software and the hardware alike. But just in case Nokia has any plans of extending partnership with Microsoft, it will be quite an interesting move. We have our reasons for this, primarily the fact that Windows Phone 7 recently crossed a 1.5 million unit sale, which shows that the OS in itself is not a risky option to power Nokia devices with.

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When Computerworld’s report read that Nokia is planning a really busy 2011, I was a bit lost. Isn’t that what they have been doing or at least trying to do since 2008? We have seen that the devices so far released haven’t really left a desired impact on the mobile market with the sudden burst of so called high end, revolutionary smartphones in the form of Nokia N97, Nokia N900 and the very recent Nokia N8 that qualifies as a pretty decent attempt.

image thumb54 Nokia Plans To Make 2011 Big, Eyes Dual Core Phones And “True Zoom Camera”

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image thumb64 Its Really Cool To Pee In Your Pants! Nokia Android War Goes A Video Ahead

A day or two back Nokia’s outgoing head, Anssi Vanjoki had great thoughts to share on the Android Platform. Honestly I was disappointed, more than I was when Steve Jobs acted like a whiner and blamed ever phone in the universe having the Antennagate issue. The respectable head, while talking to Financial Times was of the opinion that people using Android are like Finnish boys who pee in their pants to keep themselves in the cold Finnish winters. How sick! How irresponsible and downright lame!

Well Google has been quite, which I think is good as Google doesn’t need to stoop to such low level. But folks at TechCrunch shared a video by Eclectic Method which takes the Nokia VS Android battle … a video forward. Enjoy!

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image thumb41 Nokia takes a hit as shares fall by 6.02%

Nokia has ruled the mobile market for quite a long time now but it appears that the cell phone manufacturer has got worries knocking its doors. The manufacturer faced a tick over 6% slip in shares as the losses hammered to a whopping $842 Million. The reason for this plunge? Well the market is so filled with variety now, you have the iPhone that caters to the need of the vast user base in the 15-30 year age group, then you have the much cheaper devices that are feature rich coming from LG and Samsung at such a high rate that things tend to get quite problematic for Nokia. I guess what needs to be done is that Nokia needs to inject some newer blood into its models that compete the market in every possible way. To be honest, any Nokia device would last longer than the many high end phones out there but at the end of the day it’s all what the consumers require and while Nokia has been satisfying its users for ages, the younger generation just doesn’t appear to be so.

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image thumb57 Nokia Research Center: Making Life more Mobile

The place is very peaceful, nothing close to the bustling cities I have grown used to, but Helsinki did give a chance to get an idea of what the research is about at Nokia. Sounds more like a travelogue doesn’t it, but I will keep it that way since I am traveling. Cutting the lectures short, I was lucky to get an over look on what Nokia is busy with.

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