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image thumb25 Google Acquires Motorola, Why Exactly?

Riddled by the recent happenings of Microsoft firing ferociously at it, Google for some odd reason appears to be on wobbly grounds. The entire issue from this to the Google Plus saga paints quite a different picture that we usually see about Google. Not that controversies and a few hiccups here and there are new to Google, but the search giant has never really been on the defensive. Not until now.

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image thumb48 Motorola DROID 3 Images Leaked, What Is It Made Of?And so much for the rumors on the next generation of the iPhone, there are a few leaked images of the upcoming Motorola DROID 3. Honestly it isn’t different in terms of the look, perhaps the typical slide out keyboard has become a standard for Motorola DROID. I would be keen at learning what exactly are the specs of the hardware though, which is what would make it worth buying.

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clip image002 Motorola DROID R2 D2 Coming On September 30, Riding On Verizon

Recall Motorola going the George Lucas’ way with a special release of their Android based phone? Well if you had been one of those waiting for the R2-D2 Droid from Motorola then wait no more as Verizon hints at the device will be in stores on September 30. I just wonder if this release would encourage an epic collection of Star Wars’ collection.

The device will be the second generation of the DROID 2 with an R2-D2 touch to it. It will also boast an updated 1.2 GHz processor compared to the 750MHz that powered the DROID 2. Other than looks of the R2-D2 it would also have the R2-D2 ringtone and sounds for notifications, a clock widget, four live wallpapers and a bonus binoculars app. Let me just clarify, that the 1.2GHz processor is not yet confirmed, which if not true will be quite a disappointment. I mean if looks are all that matter, they can even try to turn Barbie into a Doll Mobile?

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image thumb114 Cease And Desist Threat By Motorola For Leaked Android 2.2 Update On Droid X

Remember we talked yesterday about running the Android 2.2 [Froyo] lock screen on your Droid X with Android 2.1?Including other reports of leaked ROM? Well it appears that Motorola has got sniff of that and is taking action.

The cell phone manufacturer has asked  sites like MyDroidWorld, and others to take down leaked files immediately. So fret not or curse the communities for having broken links to installation files given they have been pulled down. You can still probably Google for existing mirrors which might just be having the Froyo version. Though it’s highly improbable you will find one.

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image thumb49 R2 D2 Coming As Motorola Droid 2: Hail Star Wars

There have been a lot of talks about the upcoming Motorola Droid 2. Rumors have put it that the new Android based device will be out in markets by mid August, which is anytime within this week. Rumors also include that it will be running Froyo, the latest build of Google’s flagship mobile OS.

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You need to make a comeback in a market which you have lost to competitors? Make yourself more local! That is what Motorola is doing in the Arab World. The Cell phone manufacturer, who recently sold its wireless network infrastructure to Nokia Siemens for a healthy $1.2 Billion has decided to launch its Droid in the Arab region by the name of MileStone that will cost buyers $700.

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image thumb70 Motorola set to bring its Android based phones out on November 6

There have been quite some talks about Motorola working on a device to come running on the Android platform. Well it appears that the Moto Droid is just a week away from the launch and will be available on November  6. The price tag on this will be $199 and will come with a two year contract. Apart from that users will need to pay $39 for the voice plan and $29 for the email plan. It will be interesting to see what exactly is the device like and is it really worth all the effort they are putting. To be honest the device looks too much like old HTC models, just my thoughts.