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image thumb47 Steve Jobs Slashes Competition: Android, RIM, 7 Inch Tablets Are No Competition For The iPad, Still Lost In Open Vs Close Debate

To many Steve Jobs is the godfather of the modern day smartphones and powerful technology that makes its way from the caves of Cupertino. Apple has transformed how consumers conceive mobile devices, laptops in fact has infused a brand new culture in the tech scene. I wont be wrong to say that Steve Jobs is the man who has taken the idea of smartphone devices from Nokia, HP and Dell [handheld tablets, etc] top bring us the iPod Touch for music [initially], iPhone 2G, 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4, and only recently the iPad. If you have ever used the iPad, you will see how Apple has amalgamated everything into this 9.7 inch powerful device.

Of course competitors have jumped in, of course there will be some challenge from other manufacturers both in the hardware and the software. But despite all this, all my disliking for the cult of Apple, I must admit it has superiority over others. Steve Jobs knows this, he might have been going overboard with the Antennagate issue but his recent ripping off of the Android platform from Google and the plethora of the upcoming Android and non-Android tablets is quite justified. We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM BlackBerry with its PlayBook but I bet they will leave something desired. The 7 inch Galaxy Tab by Samsung is a lost cause between the Smartphone and the iPad. Why would someone want to own a device that is large enough to not fit into a pocket yet small enough to disable easy readability? That’s just my opinion for I would rather buy the iPad with an excellent hardware only because of the larger size.

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image thumb38 More Smartphone Users Prefer Android Over The iPhone [Graphs]

We have reported a countless times of Google leading the race when it comes to smartphone shares. The Android has grown and is growing by leaps and bounds as more smartphone consumers opt for the Android OS. The iPhone has its own dominance but its shares have been dropping down. That by no means should indicate that the iPhone is a bad device or that Steve Jobs’ aging craziness has driven people away from it.

I keep an eye on trends and lookout for reasons why Android is going. Lets keep aside the Android being an excellent OS, lets keep aside the freedom it gives to developers with its Open Environment to regularly update apps in the Android Market Place. Put aside the fact that Apple with its strict policing of the App Store turns your hair gray before your app makes it to the store. Even put aside the hard work that the developer teams put up to bring you jailbreak tools like Limera1n, GreenPoisOn, etc to enable you to use the non-App Store apps. That’s creating a paradox, isn’t it? Let me come to the point.

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image thumb72 RIM Has Finally Impressed Us With The BlackBerry PlayBook, At Least With The Ad

I might have to eat my words when I said that the BlackBerry tablet would just be another meager attempt to toss out Apple’s iPad. Put aside BlackBerry’s attempts with its smartphones with devices like the Torch [which I personally wasn’t pleased with], the BlackBerry PlayBook is a beauty, something I wasn’t really expecting from Research In Motion [RIM].

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image thumb58 RIM Rumored To Release BlackBerry Tablet Next Week. Who Gives A ****?

Somebody should pull the shutters down on RIM. First they are confused on whether to evolve into something similar to Apple’s iPhone and the Android phones by removing that trademark physical keyboard. Second on creating an amalgamation in the form of the Torch, which some folks I know find extremely appealing. However the news of today is that Research In Motion might actually be revealing their iPad competitor, their very own BlackBerry Tablet in the next week.

Someone please burn its schematic, destroy all existing tablets that are to be rolled out and make this upcoming tablet a history. You might think I have grudges against RIM, yes I most definitely have, but these guys need to make a touch challenger in the smartphone arena to compete with the likes of the iPhone, HTC devices and Samsung before jumping into the Tablet category. That’s just my opinion,many of you might differ.

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image thumb46 How To Have More Sex Partners? Get iPhone! [Study]

Now many of you would feel their pockets and check why they don’t own an iPhone! Dating Site OkCupid just released a study which highlights association between their smartphones and the sexual history. Put it anyway you like, but I am already figuring out why I am the one left out, I don’t have an iPhone!

Jokes apart, the study put forth is based on OKCupid analyzing data in images that users upload, their activity thanks to the apps and personality tests like The Dating Persona Test, etc and compiling them as one report. The age group was confined to 30 years for both male and females and had interesting results, of course Fascinating for the iPhone users and those aspiring to have one. The reports, might not necessarily reflect hard facts but a gist of it is given in the graphs below.

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image thumb15 BlackBerry With A New Equation: Storm Plus Curve Makes BlackBerry Torch

What is it with BlackBerry? As in who told them to come forth with a slider design? The new BlackBerry is a marriage of RIMs previous version of the device, the QWERTY version and the touch screen BlackBerry Storm, which in all honesty was a super fail piece of hardware. This one, combining the two architectures might give BlackBerry lovers to boast having a touchscreen without actually cursing usability.

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It failed miserably to impress consumers the way it hoped to with BlackBerry Storm, the plus point of the device being the first touchscreen from the makers. That isn’t the end of the world as the manufacturer is giving it another shot. BlackBerry Storm 2 is the second version of the device which boasts a price of $200 and a higher memory that is expandable up to 32 GB microSD card and a 3.2 MP camera. The other notable addition is the inclusion of WiFi. The trademark keyboard is also gone and you have the sort of device you might just like it. But who is going to buy  it? Is the device going to be impressive enough to have people spending in it?

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